Top Twenty Cases of Human Levitation: Part One



Can humans fly? As strange as it sounds, the answer is, yes! Humans do have the ability to levitate and fly through the air without the aid of any device. In fact, there are hundreds of accounts of human levitation on record. Cases reach back thousands of years and come from all across the world. This video presents the top twenty best verified cases of human levitation. In part one, we cover cases twenty through eleven, each involving a person who has undergone the profound experience of human levitation. While many cases rely solely on the word of the person who experienced it, these accounts are different. These cases not only involve outside witnesses, some of them involve photographic evidence, or were proven in a scientific laboratory setting. These cases prove that humans have super-human abilities that we have only just begun to discover. What is it like to levitate? How is it done? Can anybody do it? This video (and part two) will answer all these questions and more. Levitation is real! Humans can fly! This is not a matter of speculation or belief. The evidence speaks for itself. The proof is here. And now is the time to rise up, discover who we really are and what we can do. And if you think these cases are exciting, just wait for Part Two. The adventure has only just begun! If you would like to explore more about these cases and others, check out my book, “Human Levitation: A True History and How-to Manual.” Now available!

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