Timothy Good’s Interview Earth: An Alien Enterprise

First Hour Transcribed and Summarized

By Hybrids Rising

Special Thanks to Swedish Radio Program: Red Ice Productions


Timothy Good and Red Ice ProductionsRed Ice Productions’ Introduction to Timothy Good

Worldwide research, interviewing key witnesses and discussing the subject with astronauts, military and intelligence specialists, pilots, politicians and scientists, has established Timothy Good as a leading authority on UFOs and the alien presence. Timothy Good has lectured at universities, schools, and at many organizations.

In January 1989, following the dissolution of the Soviet empire, he became the first UFO researcher from the west to be interviewed on Russian television. He was invited for discussions at the Pentagon in 1998, and at the headquarters of the French Air Force in 2002. He has also acted as consultant for several U.S. Congress investigations.

He returns to discuss his latest book, Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History. We’ll discuss the book that tells the story of contact between aliens and humans from all across the globe, dating back to 1932, including meetings with military personnel and American presidents such as Eisenhower and Kennedy.

In the second hour [not transcribed, but we urge you to listen] we’ll discuss the story of a former member of MI6 who revealed her conversation with Neil Armstrong at a NASA conference, when he confirmed that there were “other” spacecraft on the Moon when Apollo 11 landed in 1969. Armstrong also confirmed that the CIA was behind the cover-up.

Timothy also talks about the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev who revealed that “the president of Russia is given a special top secret folder [that] in its entirety contains information about aliens who have visited our planet. Along with this, the president is given a report of the Special Service that exercises control over aliens in our country. I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.”

Transcribed Portions of Timothy Good’s Interview

Earth: An Alien Enterprise

This interview begins with Timothy Good speaking about the Amicizia Project, which means Friendship in Italian.

The Amicizia Project involved Advanced Intelligences, i.e., Extraterrestrials, meeting with handpicked Humans from all over the world. These individuals were chosen for specific reasons to liaison with the aliens and were said to have actually had the privilege of taking rides aboard their craft. Certain groups of Humans were, in fact, given Extraterrestrial craft; however, other, more violent Extraterrestrials saw this as “a most severe threat.”

Timothy Good: “The good ETs are thousands of years more advanced than Humans, but genetically linked to us because they created us. They have an interest in Earth, not because Earth is unique in the galaxy, but because it is of interest to them because of its location in the galaxy.”

Goods’ research from interviewing several people “…with the need-to-know or Humans who have direct knowledge of this, is that the ETs who do not have our best interests at heart, namely a certain Grey species – there are more than one type of Grey….you mustn’t tar them with the same sort of brush – some of them however, unfortunately do not have [us as] our best interest.”

Bad Guys

“And, it is my information from one Washington based source and one European based source that the object of the exercise since the 1940’s is to produce a hybridized race of their species and ours. This has been going on since the 1940’s and allegedly they have been working in underground bases where these evil little buggers have been abducting us, getting genetic material from us and producing hybrids. And, I’ve been told that some of these hybrids have made some sort of progress. This has been going on for a very long time, and I have no idea what their current situation is like, but that is what I’ve been told. This is what is posing a threat…these guys who wish to take over the planet by producing hybrids to be more adaptable here, which they [their original non-hybridized species] are not. In my book I have covered a lot of medical material which goes into much more detail, which we needn’t go into here… so, that is the problem – the bad news.”

Good Guys

Timothy Good continues, “The good news is, that we are being helped by alien species who have helped us and some of them have given us aircraft and we have been flying them for decades. I don’t know if you know of this – I may have mentioned this in Amsterdam at the conference there, but my information is that quite a number of astronauts were flying alien craft during the 1960’s and the 1970’s. Gordon Cooper was one, and a close friend of Gordon actually told me that he, Gordon Cooper was getting so frustrated with the attitude of the United Nations when he gave a presentation there in 1978 that he said, ‘I’m actually prepared to fly an alien craft to the U.N. building…to the prove the point’ – of course he never did.”

NASA: Cover Ops Only

“NASA is just a cover for the real space program which is controlled by the U.S. Air Force Space Command. We have a problem which I can’t tell you about because I have no idea what’s going on right now except, you know – there is a problem which is going on right now – as if we don’t have enough.”

[Good has a short conversation with the Interviewer about watching the news about Syria and seeing the Syrians – “…all human beings, killing each other…” It was so bad he “…had to turn off the television….”

The Amicizia Group

Red Ice Interviewer: “You’ve called the Amicizia case the most extraordinary case you’ve ever investigated, but also at times it’s almost farcical, outrageous and almost ludicrous, but you are compelled with it. Talk with us, because last time you mentioned it briefly and we were just heading into it at that time. But, obviously the scales have tipped for you since then and you are now a believer of the case. Tell us more about it.”

Timothy Good: “Yes, well, I had the great pleasure of becoming friends with a professor, Professor Stefano Breccia. Sadly he died about 18 months ago (2012) prematurely. Me and my girlfriend went to interview him over a couple of days and he gave us technical information – extremely technical information and stated that he himself had flown in some of these craft. He’s taken close-up photographs of them. And, incidentally there are photographs of some of the aliens, one of which one was reproduced – hopefully in the book – I hope it’s there – showing a 10 foot alien who was attached to the Amicizia Group [Friendship Group]. The photograph was taken by a respected Catholic historian, Bruno Sammaciccia. So, there was a lot going on and Stefano, who had been a pilot and was a scientist – he traveled all over the World meeting with people in the Amicizia Group… He lectured at Universities – not on the subject I hasten to add – but he was a very respected scientist and he gave me highly detailed technological information on exactly how their craft are propelled. That, I can’t elaborate on right now, but there is a lot of detail…”

Timothy Good continues by stating, “…. In the Amicizia Group, there were three groups of aliens involved…there were the good guys, who definitely had our best interests at heart, but they said there were others here – Human types who were half robotic and half Human who were creating problems. In Italian, they called them the Contraries – the enemies who are against us.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Like a cyborg, if you will…”

Timothy Good: “Yes, yes. Well, there were people who were from all walks of life who were hand picked and they were people from universities, scientists, engineers, doctors, business people – including heads of huge communication organizations…and as I said, quite a number of these people were flying these craft. And Stefano [Professor Stefano Breccia] on one occasion, he told me that he went with a German friend in one of the alien’s craft. Incidentally, everything was being monitored by them. They weren’t about to let the craft crash or anything, in fact, they are very difficult to crash. Stefano went in with one of his German friends who was piloting it and Stefano was taking notes and they flew from Italy to Cairo and then from Cairo to Moscow and back to Italy in an hour or something like that – it might have been a bit longer than that, but everything was being monitored by the Amicizia aliens…”

Military Flying ET Craft in the 1950’s

“I questioned Stefano about this and whether the military was flying any of these craft because I have an American source who has given me information, which I have published in the book. I haven’t mentioned my source’s name of course. I don’t do that. So, some of the astronauts have been flying these craft for quite some time – our own pilots have flown them….and Stefano told me that he was aware of some 10 Italian Air Force pilots who have flown these craft and he gave me some amusing stories about that so this was going on…. it probably started about 50 years ago or more and it has all sort of fizzled out over the years. I don’t now if they are still about – I have no idea, but I know that they were in many countries: Argentina, Chili, the U.S., Europe – starting around the 1950’s.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “There’s a lot of questions I want to ask… how did they get a hold of these craft?”

Timothy Good: “Oh, the aliens let us fly them…. Some of the bases are like 150 miles long, underneath the oceans or underneath the earth and those bases can be created very quickly. Their technology is such that they can impact the earth or impact material very instantaneously…. In the way…a base can be made and the earth can be dealt with in such a way that creates a huge area that is protected…in such a way that it is protected by the impacted ground which is [extremely] dense afterward and these places underground can be used… and a lot of activities went on there apparently….there’s a lot of technological machinery down there.

Red Ice Interviewer: Was it the Amicizia Group who had access to the bases and all – were they the ones who had access to these bases and involved in all of this – the good guys?”

President George Washington

Timothy Good: “Well yes – the whole outfit was called Amicizia or W56 because they had actually established communications with George Washington – 1956 was the year they started contacting and collaborating with people here and the ‘W’ was for Washington because they allegedly briefed George Washington, the first President of the United States about the alien situation, so that I found very, very interesting, you know – that they were in touch with us then.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Tell us what made you decide to take this more seriously and believe this information – have you seen more things since the last time we talked or is it still just the testimony of these people who convinced you?”

Timothy Good: “….I think I was with Stefano in 2010 for the first time…and we came back with my girlfriend, because she speaks Italian, because that’s how she helped a lot, but Stefano speaks very good English…I don’t know what in particular…. I don’t know what aspects I can expand on… if I can.”

[HR Team] The interviewer reviews the timeline of their last interview and asks Timothy Good if he visited more with the members of the group…different people from it…Good replies,

“Yes, I did get to meet some of them, a few of them, I didn’t get to meet as many as I would have liked, but I did get to meet some of them like Paolo di Girolamo, a delightful man. He didn’t see the craft, but he did see the —— eye’d, very small, very, very small probes of some kind which can be released into the atmosphere. At one point he was in a car, and these things were following the car and they were buzzing all around…very small things…smaller than a golf ball. That’s all he said – he never actually encountered the visitors to my knowledge, but Stefano certainly did, and he was working with them for over – over 40 years, I guess.”

[HR Team] When questioned about his belief again in all of this Timothy Good responds:

HybridsRising.com: Stefano-Breccia-Last Contact-Amicizia-Friendship-Aliens.jpg“First of all, I would say getting to know Stefano – I’ve never gotten to know anyone more honest and straightforward…quite frankly, I would have trusted him with my life. That’s what clinched it for me. That’s why I had to meet him, because he was the one who wrote the book, Last Contact. Unfortunately, the book is rather muddled in the way it’s put together. It really does [did] need a good editor – I think somebody – Warren Aston in Australia is doing some sort of an edited version of it with some additional information which I believe is actually available, and he’s met some of the Amicizia people. It’s a very complex case and I don’t pretend to grasp all of the ramifications yet. I don’t think – that’s for sure – I don’t think that it’s going on right now, as far as I know.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “So – what happened?”

Adriatic Sea Incident

Timothy Good: “They allegedly left. Stefano told me…he wasn’t convinced by them, but allegedly there was some kind of underwater [event] – in the Adriatic Sea. Well, this was all in the newspapers – I mean, the sea went absolutely berserk and I think a couple of fishermen were killed in the event and some other people died and nobody could explain why the water went absolutely berserk and apparently there was this tremendous underwater battle with the so called Contraries [bad guys] and the Amicizia [good guys]… Stefano was very skeptical about all of that and he thought they were just creating an excuse to leave because some of them were becoming less than pleased with a number of the people [Humans] they were in contact with and there were all sorts of dividing lines. There were these Contraries who were a tremendous chaos between the rival groups. There were supposed to be about three groups all together I think – I don’t have the chapter right in front of me, but I think – feel free to write in the book [Interviewer either has a copy of the book or the manuscript in front of him] – it’s a very long chapter.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Yes, it is – I’m finding some things here as well while looking at my notes, but if we stick to what we’re talking about here…Who did Stefano talk with? Where did he get his information?”

Timothy Good: [Sates adamantly] “He got his information directly from the aliens since the late 1950’s. He wasn’t one of the first, but within the first few years of the enterprise starting, he became deeply involved.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Then he died in 2012, sometime in September, I believe. What do you know what has happened, consequently? Are there any other people who are still active in the group that you can still call and make contact with?”

Timothy Good: “There’s Paolo di Girolamo…I’m sure he is accessible to the people who I mentioned in Rome. He’s a delightful man, very honest. And, there are some others – some other people there – some of them just don’t want to talk. Like the famous – well – well known Italian journalist, science based aerospace journalist. I’ve forgotten his name offhand, but he himself had lots of encounters with these people and he took a photograph of one of the most bizarre craft that’s ever been filmed. I think I have it in the book. It is an extraordinarily shaped vehicle – if you can call it a vehicle. It looks almost like an animal. I think it’s in the book, as I recall.”

10 Foot Tall Alien

Red Ice Interviewer: “Yes, I found the photo of the alleged giant, right? Mr Kineo?”

Timothy Good: “Oh yes, that’s the being – 10 feet tall. Ten feet tall, and that picture was taken by the Catholic historian Bruno Sammaciccia.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “It looks like a human, in fact – no big differences that I can see, on the surface of it.”

Timothy Good: “No – in fact, I haven’t got the chapter in front of me, but there is a great deal of – a tremendous amount of physical details about them. They are very, very similar to us in some respects and the differences are all explained in that chapter based on what Stefano told me and on what he’s published. Very, very interesting information, including the fact that I think they live up to 400 to 600 years. And, they also said that they had been here for a very long time, coming and going, on and off.”

Humans: A Hybridized Race

Red Ice Interviewer: “Okay, so let’s try to get a little closer to the title of your book, Earth: An Alien Enterprise and the fact that our history is intricately involved with theirs and the different groups that we have out there…”

Timothy Good: “That’s it – you’ve got it in a nutshell and that’s the truth. You know, many species have a vested interest in this planet, but the problem is: We’re here, so there is a conflict – there is a conflict situation going on.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “So, what are we doing here?”

Timothy Good: “What are we doing here? [Laughing] Can you broaden the question?”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Certainly – I don’t mean to be facetious about it…”

Timothy Good: “You mean, what are we doing about it?”

Red Ice Interviewer: “I mean, how did we end up here and was it a mistake on the part of those who put us here?”

Timothy Good: “I guess. They all say that we are a hybridized race, but what I have learned from other sources, which is quite apart from the People – people whom I know who have had extensive communications with these guys is that they hybridized us from primitive man. We were genetically upgraded – primitive man was genetically upgraded and gradually we became more and more like the beings we see photographs of in the Amicizia Group.

Red Ice Interviewer: “And do you know who is more directly responsible for that?”

Timothy Good: “You mean those who were directly responsible for that? I would say the groups that are highly advanced, spiritually, technologically and everything else – beings that were liaisons with all of those people around the world at that time for 40 years.”

Alien Activity in Puerto Rico

Red Ice Interviewer: “And then at some point along the line here, we have another group – one of the Grey types that come into the picture and as far as I understand it, they’ve manage to settle on the Earth or in the earth, in underground bases.”

Timothy Good: “Yes, under the Earth. They have huge underground bases and they are the ones posing the threat now and I have no idea what’s going on precisely, but there is a chapter about abductions and towards the end – I’ve forgotten exactly what it’s called – but there is information I got from Maria Rivera in Puerto Rico, which is relatively recent – which is within the last few years, about her abduction experiences as well as her entire family which I find entirely convincing.”

“She [Maria Rivera] is a very, very bright lady, very intelligent, very decent. She’s a Catholic and she has had some most alarming experiences, including the rest of the family. They did one supposedly good thing, but she had a negative outlook on it. She had cancer and they got rid of her cancer, but she said that was so they could make more use of her. So, she did not have a very good feeling about that. I’ve not been in touch with her for about a year and a half, at least, so – but I tried. I don’t know whether her email has changed or what, but a lot has been going on in Puerto Rico. I’ve been to Puerto Rico 7 times and spent a lot of time there, and the people are very reluctant to talk about it. Maria, I think is an exception. A lot of people have done research there, because there’s an awful lot going on there. These guys have taken over the rainforest area, for example, and they have underground bases and undersea locations as well.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Tell us a little bit more about the hybridization and what you believe is the goal of that, because what I’m seeing as well, Timothy, is if we were that to begin with: a blend or mix genetically upgraded, it seems as though we have another group that is trying to do the same but with their version of it. Right?”

Timothy Good: “Yes, correct. And, you can read quite a bit about that towards the beginning of the last chapter, chapter 19. I can’t remember everything by heart there, but a friend of mine, a Washington source gave me details of the hybridization process and precise details about these guys, and I mean very precise details.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “And why are you – I guess I’ll return to that question again – Why are you prone to believe the sources?”

Timothy Good: “Well, because the sources are people I’ve known in some cases for 20 years, and he’s one of my Washington sources and he’s straight down the level. And, a lot of the information, he was reluctant to give, but down the years he kindly helped me out about that and he helped a great deal.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Well, this coincides with the information from David Jacobs who we had on, quite a few years ago now, talking about the hybridization as well.”

Timothy Good: “Yes, I agree with him. Absolutely, I do.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Yeah?”

Timothy Good: “Oh yes…”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Hell.” [pause] “Well, tell us a little bit more about what you see is being implemented right now. There are people who speculated that the hybridization process is so far ahead of the curve that we may literally have a lot of hybrids already on the planet walking, having jobs and apartments, like the rest of us.”

Timothy Good: “Well, I can’t help you on that because I don’t know the state of play regarding that. All I know is that the information I have and that I published in chapter 19, is that they were fairly advanced several decades ago – I have no up to date information whatsoever – I have no idea what’s going on, but they are apparently trying to continue to develop a crossbreed with which to populate the Earth, eventually. That is their goal. Whether they’ll get away with it, I don’t know, but as I say, we have people who have our interest at heart and their own interest at heart – like the Amicizia Group – whether they are still around, I don’t know. Certainly, I’ve had my own encounters over the years with some of these guys.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “There are others who are looking out for us?”

Timothy Good: “Yes, yes, definitely.”

Red Ice Interviewer: “Well, I certainly hope so if this is the scenario we are faced with. Are we being – and I know that we are speculating here Timothy – but maybe we can continue to do this a little bit more because I want to get your take on this.” [“What?”] – “Are we being rent out or is this is a repopulation that is going to occur because there is going to be a massive extinction that is going to occur?”

Timothy Good: “I don’t know.”

Good’s Telepathic Experiments

Timothy Good continues by relating a previously published account of his encounter with possible hybrids on Earth. For example, “…a small, young female in the U.S….extraordinarily petite, very alert looking woman. I sent out a mental thought asking her that if she were from elsewhere, could she just step out of the line. When she approached me, she took the most gracious low bow and my three colleagues who were there looked in amazement. She took a very deep bow and then stood up and looked at me with a deadpan expression and simply walked away.”

Timothy Good also relates his 1967 encounter involving a telepathic experiment in New York. [Previously published.]

The third telepathic experience he relates is published in his book. It occurred about 8 years ago in Poland at a prestigious Debating Salon, when he attempted to photograph what he believed to be a hybrid male or at least a Human from “elsewhere.” The man was described by Good as very cold looking and “…he didn’t blink and didn’t speak and wouldn’t talk” to Good even after kind attempts at communication with the man were made by the author.

This unusual man was the last speaker and his lecture was entitled “Earth’s Future In Space.”  Good states that it was a “very interesting story” yet “no one could remember what the man’s speech was about.” Good’s interpretation is that the information the unusual man gave was subliminal and the information was to be used at a future time. No one could remember how long the man spoke and no professional follow up pertaining to the rules of the Debating Salon occurred or were enforced during or after the unusual man’s presentation.

Red Ice Interviewer: “It does seems that we are being used by someone…. that we are being turned into someone’s – I don’t know – I don’t want to say someone’s property, but perhaps to do the bidding of someone else. If there are in fact these factions on the planet Timothy, which are involved in our future, if you will, then they would want to either turn us this way or the other way, right?”

Timothy Good: “Yep – yep – I concur. I go along with you on that.”


This ends Hybrids Rising’s transcript. Please take the time to listen to the entire interview at Red Ice Radio:


The second hour of the interview and a review of Timothy Good’s first hour of the interview will help enlighten you to very important topics and facts regarding the Contact Phenomenon occurring on Earth. It is well worth the time and we also encourage you to read Timothy Good’s latest book entitled Earth: An Alien Enterprise: The Shocking Truth Behind the Greatest Cover-Up in Human History.


An Overview of Timothy Good’s Alien Enterprise

By Frank Chillie Compliments of George Filer

(1) The United States has been in charge of worldwide saucer contact since 1952. This was documented to Good from a senior member of the Air Ministry of Britain.

(2) The United States has had off-planet disc travel since mid 1950’s.

(3) There were multiple craft and survivors at Roswell.

(4) A Special Top Secret British Team was entrusted with two visitor survivors & one craft from Roswell which was taken to United Kingdom.

(5) President Eisenhower had meetings with the visitors during his administration: Good has new documentation.

(6) Project Friendship, which was initiated in Italy has been spread around the world at a grass roots level by the Visitors.

(7) Italian Government was given 15 craft by the visitors under Project Friendship.

(8) Project Solar Watch: The 10th Fleet has had bases of operations on our Moon and Mars for decades.

(9) Timothy Good has had three contacts with Visitors who look like us. The last contact had 18 witnesses. (See above interview).

(10) Astronaut Gordon Cooper had actually flown a recovered disc: Good has evidence to validate this.

(11) The Visitors who look as we [Visitors who resemble Humans] have a protective role in our future and disclosure of information.

(12) The other Visitors who have their own agendas are being thwarted.

(13) Henry Kissinger has been part of the inner circle working with the Visitors since 1946.

(14) NASA is a distraction to the public as to what is really happening with the Visitors.

The Original Book and Account

HybridsRising.com: Stefano-Breccia-Last Contact-Amicizia-Friendship-Aliens.jpg“Beginning in 1956, some 200 people from all walks of life in Europe had extensive interaction with a group of very human-looking aliens. They included politicians, university professors, engineers, journalists, students and housewives. The level of contact varied from one-time encounters to deep involvement lasting over 40 years. It continues today.” – Stefano Breccia

The most detailed, complete, technical description of a saucer propulsion system ever published. Analysis of the clear colour photograph of an 8 to 10 foot tall alien crew member. Stefano Breccia’s description and data from his own flight in a “flying saucer.” Photographs of the interior of an alien craft.

The book’s introduction is written by Dr. Roberto Pinotti and contains contributions from Teresa Barbatelli, Paolo di Girolamo, Connie Menger, Carlo Bolla and others.

This is Stefano Breccia’s final witness to the reality that we have friends among us who are ready to help us move forward and join them in the greater community of our galaxy.




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Timothy Good: Earth: An Alien Enterprise, October 7, 2013.

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