Man discovers what he believes to be a UFO “crash site







Ben Landricombe actually came forth to showcase his finding as he was exploring the middle of the woods with his dog in Meddon, Devon, England.

This is where he supposedly came across this massive UFO crash site which he took several pictures of. He made the discovery last Monday and he knew it wasn’t any ordinary crash site as his dog was going wild trying to get to the site.

Since he didn’t actually have a leash on the dog he had to run across the fields after him to keep up and before he knew it, he was right in the center of the site looking at its massive size.

He could hear strange noises coming from inside of the burning UFO, almost as if something was burning alive from within. He knew that they weren’t humans and he tried to approach the site but he was too afraid to do so with the non-human screeches coming from the woods.







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