Three Very Close Encounters

Most UFO encounters are simple sightings. Sometimes, however, UFOs get very close. In these cases, what starts out as a sighting transforms into face-to-face contact with the unknown. Accounts like these provide far more information than just a sighting. This video presents three cases of very close encounters with UFOs. When UFOs get this close, there is virtually no possibility of misidentification. Case One: Three children are walking near their home in Mount Olive, Louisiana when a UFO drops down from the sky, hovers twenty feet over their heads, and strikes them with a beam of light. Case Two: Four teenagers drive up a winding dirt road into the mountains of San Dimas, California and are confronted by a gigantic UFO which has landed in a field. Surrounding the craft are several strange figures, one of whom approaches them. Case Three: Two young friends sitting outside a library in Korea town, California watch as a saucer-shaped craft drops down from the sky and hovers over the power lines. The mother of one of the girls arrives to drive them home, and the UFO follows them over their car, beginning an ordeal that they will remember for the rest of their lives. These three cases of very close encounters show how quickly a sighting can become something much more complicated. Each of these unique and fascinating accounts has something profound to teach us about UFOs and these strange extraterrestrial visitors to our planet.



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