Three Cases of Missing Time

Millions of people across our planet have seen UFOs. Some people see UFOs and also experience missing time. When a witness experiences missing time, this is a very strong indication of a possible onboard UFO encounter. In case after case, people who have a close-up sighting experience a period of amnesia, and are unable to recall what happened during the missing time. Missing time used to be thought of as very rare, but now investigators believe it might be fairly common, involving perhaps as many as one in fifty people. If true, this would mean that millions of people have been taken onboard UFOs. This video presents three cases of UFO encounters with missing time: CASE ONE: A mother and her two daughters are confronted by three objects. As they rush home to get a camera and binoculars, they mysteriously forget everything. CASE TWO: A man in Malibu begins meditating and trying to call down UFOs. After a series of sightings, he experiences a mysterious event in which a UFO apparently lands in his backyard. CASE THREE: Two friends driving along a remote desert highway late at night come upon a glowing object which strikes them with a beam light, causing missing time, followed by a radical shift in their lives. What is it like to see a UFO close up and experience missing time? How does it affect a witness? How do people deal with this kind of an encounter and still try to live a normal life? This video is a glimpse into the experience of missing time and the secret life of UFO contactees. While having missing time does involve amnesia, it is also ironically an unforgettable experience, one that witnesses think about every day of their lives.




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