This Will Be The End of Energy Companies

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
The journey to Nikola Teslas dream of free energy for everyone.
The journey to Nikola Tesla’s dream of free energy for everyone.

Nikola Tesla was a genius inventor who created some groundbreaking inventions. Tesla collaborated with many big names and companies in history. Because some of his ideas were considered far out there at the time, Tesla is often featured in science fiction television shows and movies. Tesla held 300 patents to his name when he died.

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1 thought on “This Will Be The End of Energy Companies”

  1. Hello!The end of the energy companies influence over us will be a great day for humanity its to bad Nikola Tesla won’t be around to see it and what I’ve heard of him he would make a good candidate to be recreated on the eternal life planet using human cloning technology.I’am sure the Elohim would appreciate his contributions to humanity not to mention the fact that he wanted to give people free energy not to mention other things that would topple the fossil fuel industry in comes flying cars propelled by anti-gravity.As Raelians and non-Raelians alike we should appreciate his contributions in his name we should embrace paradism and embrace the suppressed technology that corporations were denying the common man.


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