This Sumerian Elder Reveals The Origins Of Humans & How Our DNA Was Created

This Sumerian Elder reveals the origins of humans & how our DNA was created. Today, we take a look at what the Sumerians said about humans and how we were created. The ancient Sumerians were an ancient civilization who have presented monumental and innovative ideas that we still use, apply, and study today. Without the advancements of the Sumerians, our world would look very different from how we know it. Some people refer to the Sumerians as the, quote, ‘creators of civilization as modern humans understand it’. Based in Mesopotamia, the Sumerians lived between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It was here that their great leaps in languages, governing and architecture forever changed human history. Sumer is the earliest civilization we are able to tie to Mesopotamia, a region full of historical promise. Thank you for watching!



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