This Is What Flew past the Earth and Speechless Scientists!

When we hear nerve-wracking reports about asteroids, it almost seems as if galactic death is lurking around every corner. How devastating the consequences for life on our planet would be if our earthly home were actually hit by a giant asteroid can be illustrated particularly well if we turn our gaze 66 million years into the past. Most researchers agree that it was the collision with a gigantic celestial body that condemned the then rulers of our planet, the mighty dinosaurs, to extinction. The galactic object that came threateningly close to the earth a few weeks ago, caused pronounced unrest in the ranks of renowned experts. After we have introduced you to the breathtaking asteroid that recently swept past our blue home planet, we want to pursue some further exciting questions. What would another collision with an asteroid mean for the further development of life on Earth? And what solutions do the experts have up their sleeves to avert a cosmic super disaster if worse comes to worst? We hope you enjoy these interesting topics!




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