Adam Curry + Zenka Caro – Recap – Plant Consciousness, RNGs, Conscious AI, Simulation Theory

Adam Curry dished about the final experiment in the Pear lab at Princeton and raised some interesting questions about gamma brain states, plant consciousness, random number anomalies on 911, the placebo effect, where consciousness might live outside the body, time, precognition, simulation theory and more. Adam M. Curry Adam M. Curry is an inventor and tech entrepreneur in California. His background is in traditional hardware and software startups, and in the scientific study of consciousness, having spent over ten years in its research community, at places like Princeton University’s PEAR lab and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Currently he is cofounder and manager of several technology companies based on new-paradigm science. @adamslab Zenka Caro Zenka Caro is founder of Network Metaverse a non-profit, citizen science platform and visual search engine. She has been working in emerging technology for over 20 years including software development, XR, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, crypto and more. 



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