They Simply vanished from Historic Records… The Mysterious Paracas People of Peru!

The Mysterious Paracas People of Peru – Elongated human skulls have been found in the archaeological record on every inhabited continent, and most commonly these people existed about 2000 years ago. The vast majority were elite members of various societies and artificial cranial deformation was performed on them as infants in order to achieve a specific look so as to differentiate them from the general public. The most mysterious aspect is that some of the ancient people of Peru and Bolivia may have in fact been born with elongated skulls. Should this turn out through medical examination to be true, the history of humanity many have to be re-written


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1 thought on “They Simply vanished from Historic Records… The Mysterious Paracas People of Peru!”

  1. Of course some were born with much larger cranial cavity and different sutured skulls. This is fact. Others sought to imitate this status marker and so the tradition of boarding became “stylish”.


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