The Nazca Lines Renamed To Orion Lines

by Ryushin Malone I have solved The Nazca Lines and renamed them The Orion Lines The Orion Lines “There is only one way to save our future, together.” #UNITEHUMANITY What are the Nazca Lines?  The Nazca Lines were discovered in 1920 and have been puzzling scientist for the past 100 years.  They are hundreds of …

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Language Alters Our Experience of Time


Panos Athanasopoulos Author It turns out, Hollywood got it half right. In the film Arrival, Amy Adams plays linguist Louise Banks who is trying to decipher an alien language. She discovers the way the aliens talk about time gives them the power to see into the future – so as Banks learns their language, she …

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Complete History of the Anunnaki/Pleiadian Gods !!!


  Very interesting video with a lot of good information we have not  known before, explaining many questions we have had all our lives such as why do we speak in different languages , why are we different colors. Was there Fairies or were they Aliens, list goes on and on  You will enjoy, make …

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Tall Whites Alien Race


  Tall Whites The subject of legends from Scandinavia to Kuelap, Peru, the tall whites were apparently working with the US government for some time. These aliens are similar in appearance to humans, with hair and faces similar to ours. Tall Whites live around 600–800 earth years. They are said to be the real “Men …

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