They Claim That an Alien Ship Acts as Our ‘Second Moon’

In case you haven’t heard already, experts have recently discovered a floating space rock nicknamed 2020 CD3 not too long ago that’s been apparently orbiting around our planet for over three years now.

Many have now claimed that it is clear that this is more than just a piece of space rubble, as the rock appears to be completely connected to our planet’s gravity to the point where it’s basically our second Moon altogether.

Some are not so keen on this idea though as they believe it to be an alien spacecraft disguising itself as space rubble so as to be able to spy on us.

The question for now though is how come so many governments and agencies actually show so much interest towards it if it is nothing more than a big rock floating through space? Many believe that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Some claim that this is because in case the rock does break out of our gravity it will eventually come pummeling down on our planet causing enormous damage, while others believe that it is because the experts have uncovered the metallic contents of the rock which is why they are proceeding with such caution.

It appears to be around 0.2 and 4.5 times the distance between our planet and the Moon, aka 384,400km and so far, it hasn’t actually shown any signs of breaking from our axis.

Can we really afford to sleep on this discovery? Will it signify our doom or is it just a random discovery that needs to be ignored for now?

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