There is a Massive UFO showing up!

 22nd March 21

While recording a live webcam of Ushuaia in Argentina, UFO researcher, Gina Maria Colvin Hill, manage to capture a brightly lit sphere moving through the skies over the bay area. Perhaps an indication that the sphere was very much a solid object are the reflections of it that can be seen, at times, in the water itself.

What’s more, the general movement of the object suggests that it is not a terrestrial aerial vehicle such as an airplane or a helicopter.

This location is one of the furthest south in the country, and given the (relatively) short distance from here to Antarctica (which has a long history of UFO conspiracies connected to it), the sighting is indeed an intriguing one.

You can view that footage below, which is most definitely one of the most intriguing pieces of UFO footage of the last few weeks.

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