There is a city of alien beings off the coast of Brazil

Join me in Brazil for the Experience 2020 event in September of 2020! In this video, I discuss the Anshar City close to Brazil, The Cabal underground base in Brazil as well as discuss my new movie The Cosmic Secret.

The author and speaker Fabio Santos interviewed the controversial “whistleblower” Corey Goode, who will come to Brazil in September to attend the event Experience 2020.

There is a city of alien beings off the coast of Brazil, according to Corey Good

For those who don’t know, Corey Goode claims, among countless other things, to have been a member of the Secret Space Program and traveled to Mars.

In addition to Cabal’s alleged underground base in Brazil, Corey talks about a possible partial discovery of extraterrestrial reality within 3 years, as well as a solar event that will hit our planet and attract alien races from all corners of the galaxy to help. the inhabitants of the earth, among other “great” things.

Obviously, a person with such controversial statements as Corey Goode is either loved by people who consider him someone who is trying to warn humanity about the truth about alien reality, or hated by people who accuse him of charlatan.



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