Theorist Reveals We Are the Aliens – The Origin of Life on Planet Earth

A recent theory emerged after several results came back from the drones that we sent to outer space in the past. According to this newfound evidence, our DNA might actually originate from somewhere else, not from our planet after all.

Carl Sagan, also known as the one from Cosmos, also attempted to find organic molecules in Titan’s atmosphere as he believed that there was something special about it.

Titan is a huge Saturn Moon that could be inhabitable according to most experts, and to his surprise, his quest garnered what appeared to be brown powder of some type.

He referred to them as tholines and while on the Cassini-Huygens mission which was launched in 2004 to study Saturn and Titan he allegedly came across nothing of importance sadly enough.

As you may have guessed by now though, Carl had already passed away by this point, so he didn’t really mind the lack of discoveries that day.

Recently however a series of experts worked together to analyze the properties of these tholines. These lights brought up an interesting question, as the experts now decided to focus on the following idea: what could the circular polarization observed in comets be and why is it there in the first place?

The general consensus after a long researching period is that these asteroids and comets could be carriers of DNA inside, which travel across space and time only to fall on planets such as Earth, and if they are inhabitable life finds a way to express itself.

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