The World’s Most Researched UFO Contactee with Christopher Bledsoe | Regina Meredith

Some people sit under the stars pointing lasers to the night skies to attract alien contact. Others are chosen whether they want it or not. Christopher Bledsoe and his family were chosen. Chris’s journey began while begging the heavens to stop the pain in his body so he could continue to live. His prayers were answered and then some. Not only did his Chrone’s Disease disappear, he called in a trio of small beings and “The Lady”, who continued to show up in his life at the least expected times. “The lady” told him to share everything he learned, which he did. This drew the attention of MUFON, the Discovery Channel, NASA, CIA, DIA and every other alphabet soup agency. He is the subject of continued research, particularly since the contact transformed him into a healer, remote viewer, and visionary with a message. Enjoy!



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