Meet Steven Walter A Contactee

“Been a long time since I have shared this dream.
I start the experience by exiting my home and catching white light out of the left of my line of sight. Shining from behind my home.
I Approached and crossed the edge of my home and came upon a set of four entities each about 6-7ft tall or so standing near the treeline at the base of the mountain behind my home.
They were wearing outfits akin to diving wetsuits that had a glittery black quality to them. Leaving only their faces (black almond eyes and delicate nose/mouth features) and hands bare.
When I came around the corner, they reacted to me and backed away in unison facing me. Which drew my attention to something behind them just behind the tree branches.
Two bright blue, Owl round eyes. Genderless, clay textured white skin, in a hunched over stature. Leaning on long broad forelimbs. It was bending its head down cocked awkwardly sideways. Looking beneath a tree branch at me from behind the four ‘Greys’ ill call them.
I cant guess how tall this fifth entity actually was. But its head was level with the four entities I came upon in its bent over stance.
I was doing a lot of CE-5 at the time in my life.
I found myself alarmed at the ‘alarm’ my appearance caused these beings. I called out in reassurance that I just wanted to meet them, love vibes and all, yet taken aback by whatever it was that they had ultimately retreated towards in the trees. Watching me still.
One of the four ‘Grey’ entities then separated from the group and made it part way through the grass between us.
I lost track of how I came to move in any way, but my next memory is being in a hugging embrace with it. My head was turned sideways right ear down on its chest. My arms around its waist, and its arms wrapped downward around my arms across my back.
Felt peaceful and woke up 🤷‍♂️,” ~ Steven Walter

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