The US Navy And NASA Have a Fully Operational Fleet of Ships in Space (Part II)

The moment when Gary McKinnon managed to hack the Pentagon’s most secret files, media focused on his dramatic fight against extradition to the United States.

However, most newspapers and television stations didn’t pay too much attention to the details about the United States military uncovered by the Scottish hacker.

This silence that has fallen over this news is quite shocking since McKinnon has made numerous claims about the information he extracted from the military database.

One of this top-secret information accessed by McKinnon was an Excel spreadsheet listing the details of a group of extra-terrestrial officers. What this implies is that those officers are not humans at all. McKinnon also found evidence of a secret space fleet with the title “USS”. According to McKinnon, this fleet is operated by the United States and is fully staffed with military personnel.

Even though there are many people who constantly dismiss McKinnon’s affirmations, there are others who support him. For instance, according to William Tompkins, NASA is in possession of a highly secretive space fleet. Also, Tompkins suggests that this fleet is charged with maintaining the operational colonies on both Mars and the Moon.

Corey Goode also supports these affirmations, claiming that Mars was first visited by the Germans in the 1930s and was eventually colonized by Americans in the 1970s. Goode also claims that there is a secret operation called Project Solar Warden whose mission is to look for planets that are suitable for colonization by human beings.

It is quite curious how many people dismiss McKinnon’s claims while at the same time his story is so consistent with the claims made by other individuals.





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