The UFO Reality Broken Down

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  • The Facts:Dr. Eric Davis is a consultant with numerous government research studies (AATIP, AWSAP, NIDS etc). Vallee & Davis were scientists for NIDS, a research organization privately funded by Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, a US government contractor
  • Reflect On:Can we expect that the government’s version of UFO/UAP disclosure is going to be forthcoming and honest?

The US government has something vital to say to us, but it is having difficulty finding the perfect words. The UAP Task Force report to Congress will almost certainly contain evidence that will make scientific doubters extremely uncomfortable. However, those hoping for specific wording from officials labeling the Phenomenon as “alien” or “extraterrestrial” in order to make a decision will be disappointed.

Scientists that have examined the phenomenon, including those with security clearances and contracts with the United States Department of Defense, as well as those from academic institutions, are having difficulty determining if UFOs are physical, psychological, extra-terrestrial, or inter-dimensional. However, they all agree that something of high-strangeness is occurring.

It may be argued that the spirit of the UAPTF report to Congress is to get this information out there without generating widespread fear.

What I feel is going on here is that the few people in the US administration who are aware of the problem feel it has a psychological component to it and is unsure how to deal with it.

As earth-shattering as the topic of non-human intelligence is, it would be much easier to explain that UFOs were a group of young stalwarts in an advanced civilization on Planet X of the star Sirius or otherwise, getting liquored up on a weekend, and hopping into the old space jalopy, motoring over to Planet Earth, and jollying the natives.

Dr. Jacques Vallée has long been considered as the most renowned scientific investigator of unexplained aerial occurrences. In Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, he inspired the character of the French UFO researcher. Vallée studied mathematics at the Sorbonne and astrophysics at Lille University. He co-created NASA’s first computer-based comprehensive map of Mars. He worked for the U.S. Air Force’s senior scientific consultant on UFOs under Project Blue Book. He is now working on a project to investigate UFO materials in a Silicon Valley lab. After a long life of trying to understand this phenomenon, Dr. Vallée confesses that:

“Human beings are under the control of a strange force that bends them in absurd ways, forcing them to play a role of a bizarre game of deception.”

Dr. Eric Davis is yet another researcher on the cutting edge of the UAP field. For decades, he has advised the United States government, most notably on the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), the Advanced Weapons Special Application Program (AWSAP), and others. According to Dr. Davis,

“…there is a lot of evidence that the government has known, but the problem is, it’s so outside the realm of human comprehension that they can’t deal with it on a legislative basis, they can’t deal with it on a military, operational basis, they can’t deal with it on the basis of presidential policy.”

So what informs the researchers’ fear?

A recently discovered study titled Incommensurability, Orthodoxy, and the Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-Layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena, co-written by both Dr. Vallée and Dr. Davis, sheds some light on some data points and intelligence commissioned by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). The very organization that gave rise to AWSAP and research at Skin Walker Ranch.

In the paper, the researchers provide a novel methodology for UAP analysis that also incorporates SETI findings. In every scientific question, we must be able to determine the amount to which a hypothesis, when verified and confirmed to be accurate, “explains” the observed facts. However, in the case of UAP, like in physics generally, a hypothesis may be “confirmed true” while an apparently conflicting theory is also proven correct. We must be prepared for the day when we will be able to construct scientific hypotheses for UAP, and we may be faced with a similar predicament.

Dr. Vallée and Dr. Davis’ approach is built on an apparent contradiction since they believe that UAP may be viewed as both physical and “psychological.” They think it will be exciting as a cohesive approach to a perplexing event that exhibits both undeniable physical effects like a technological gadget or craft and mental effects reminiscent of poltergeist and psychokinetic phenomena literature. They use the term “psychic” to refer to the relationship between physical reality and human awareness.

As just one example, the occurrences at Fatima included light phenomena, atmospheric and temperature effects, and accounts of an apparently metallic disc in the sky, while many of the 70,000 witnesses also experienced spiritual and psychological impacts. The primary witnesses experienced mental states favorable to extrasensory connection with a non-human entity presumed to be the Virgin Mary.

The sense of absurdity and contradiction in these two aspects is comparable to scientific perplexity during the particle/wave or, more recently, quantum entanglement and multi-dimensional transport debates. The paradox stems from our language’s inability to comprehend a phenomenon that defies definition.

Physical Aspect

The researchers find six major “layers” in terms of human perceptions of these traits when analyzing the characteristics of sightings that cannot be explained by basic natural explanations. The first one is the “physical layer,” which is seen in most witness reports describing an object. This layer contains all of the data that we can perceive using our senses and equipment. For instance, how an item occupies a location in space in accordance with geometry, or how it leaves material residue in accordance with Earth’s chemistry. Thus, in a fundamental physical sense, UAP is consistent with a technology based on a craft that looks to use a revolutionary propulsion mechanism. Because of the existence of this layer, conventional ufologists have claimed that UFOs and similar occurrences were caused by extraterrestrial technologies.

Anti-Physical Aspect

For lack of a better phrase, the researchers refer to this second layer as “anti-physical.” The variables are the same as those in the physical category, but they generate patterns that contradict what mainstream physics predicts: Objects are defined as physical matter, yet they may also be described as “sinking into the earth” or “shrinking in size, getting larger, or changing shape on the spot.” Another typical complaint with this layer is that the craft becomes blurry or translucent on the spot.

Other anti-physical observations have been documented, including –

  • Dividing into two or more things, many of which merge into one object at a slow speed
  • Disappearing at one spot and reappearing somewhere else instantly
  • Remaining clearly visible while not being detected by radar
  • Creating time dilation or missing time
  • Causing topological inversion or space dilatation (the item was judged to have a tiny exterior size/volume, but witnesses saw a massive interior many times the outside size)
  • Appearing as colorful, incredibly brilliant light balls under intelligence control

Psychological Aspect

The third layer is concerned with the psychology of the witnesses as well as the social circumstances that surround them. Human observers are more likely to notice UAP when they are in their typical habitat and social groups. They notice the things are unusual, but they try to explain them away as ordinary occurrences until they are forced to admit that the thing was actually unknown.

Physiological Reactions

Physiological reactions are another significant level of information. The phenomenon is reported to cause effects perceived by humans sound (beeping, buzzing, humming, whistling, roaring, etc), vibrations, burns, partial paralysis (inability to move muscles), extreme heat or cold sensation, odors (powerful, sweet, or strange fragrance, rotten eggs, sulfurous, pungent, musky, etc), metallic taste, pricklings, temporary blindness when directly exposed to objects light, nausea, bloody nose and/or ears; severe headache, difficulty breathing, loss of volition, severe drowsiness in the days following.

Psychic Aspect

The fifth effect category can only be labeled psychic because it involved a class of phenomena commonly found in parapsychology literature, such as impressions of communication without a direct sensory channel, motions and sounds without a specific cause, and motions and sounds outside the observed presence of a UAP. Levitation of the witness or of nearby objects and animals. A UAP’s maneuvers seemed to anticipate the witness’ thoughts. Personality changes promoting unusual abilities in the witness, such as healing others.

Cultural Aspect

The sixth and last category could be referred to as cultural. It is concerned with how society reacts to the reports, how secondary effects (hoaxes, fiction, and science-fiction imagery, scientific theories, cover-up or exposure, media censorship or publicity, sensationalism, etc.) emerge, and how members of a given culture perceive the concepts that UAP observations appear to challenge. The phenomenon’s largest influence in the United States must be on broad acceptance of the concept of life in space, as well as a more restricted, but possibly very substantial, alteration in the common perception of non-human intellect. The cultural backdrop of anomalous findings was heavily influenced by religious beliefs in prior societies such as medieval Europe or Portugal in the early years of the twentieth century.

What Are We Dealing With?

A framework for scientific hypothesis on the UAP observations can be built on the identification of the six major layers of UAP effects. If we formulate a view of the problem in a single statement at this point, that statement will be:

Everything works as if UAPs were products of a technology that integrates physical and psychic phenomena and primarily affects cultural variables in our society through the manipulation of physiological and psychological parameters in the witnesses.

The purpose of the technology may be cultural manipulation- possibly but not necessarily under the control of a form of non-human intelligence — in which case the physiological and psychological effects are meant to that end. But the parapsychologist with a Jungian framework may argue that the human collective unconscious is also a potential source of such effects — without the need to invoke alien intervention.

A Covert Request for Help

In a recent podcast, Sam Harris said that the highest echelons of the US government had reached out to him and other members of his network to ask for their assistance in disseminating UAP knowledge to the public. Sam Harris is an American author, philosopher, neuroscientist, and podcast host. His work spans logic, religion, ethics, free will, neuroscience, meditation, psychedelics, philosophy of mind, politics, terrorism, and artificial intelligence. Reaching out to thought leaders like Sam Harris is a significant step forward for the US intelligence community. On June 5th, Hal Puthoff, another scientist with the highest levels of security clearance, presented to the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, and the essence of his message was that it was time for the intelligence community to hand over the data they had gathered to the scientific establishment.

Perhaps the UAP Taskforce Report to Congress is a covert request for assistance from a government out of alternatives and ideas.

But first, they must overcome the stigma that they have established. And the plans are in motion.


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