The Twin Flame Confusion Story







It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved.
Someone once said…
If you’re going through heartache when hearing this quote you might think that it’s not helpful at all, maybe true but still, not helpful at all.
It happens so often. You meet someone special, it feels right, it’s so much deeper than you’ve ever experienced hence, you think you’ve met your divine romantic match made in heaven, -your twin flame.
You read everything you can find, consume every video and teaching on the topic of twin flames. You compare the “signs of true twin flame” and convince yourself this is the one.
None can blame you. We live in a third-dimensional matrix construct world that is based on fear. Where there is fear love cannot exist. And thus, we crave for love. We yearn for unconditional everlasting love so badly that we’re over-willing to give the highest title of a true romantic companion away too quickly.
And then there’s also the ego trap. The ego does not want to admit it’s wrong, not ever. It’s gonna take you through a sh** storm of up and downs and wild emotions but it won’t allow you to admit you made a mistake.
What’s the mistake? Well, simply put, this is not your twin flame and it might be better to let go but doesn’t this come with a whole emotional chain reaction of its own?
Yes. It means you have to let go, admit you were wrong and the hardest part: start all over again!
All those dreams you had together, all those wonderful moments of bliss which felt like heaven on earth, and the beautiful plans you both made for your mutual future…
Letting go of all that, phew, that’s tough!
And I know I keep repeating the following in almost every single one of my articles but listen, this is the infamous comfort zone!
Pay attention to the red flags. Use discernment.
The frequency of earth keeps rising and 3D, 4D, and 5D are all accessible.
It’s not a place you go to, it’s nowhere, it’s Now Here.
As you keep following your ascension path your heart opens up more and more and you attract more suitable partners as you go…
We always attract people who are a match to the frequency we send out. And if you emit a higher frequency you will meet someone who also vibrates on a higher frequency.
Vibrating on a higher frequency means people who are more open-hearted, who love deeper and are looking for more meaning within their romantic relationships.
You meet, you look into each other’s eyes, an energy exchange takes place and before you know it you find yourselves on a rainbow riding unicorns.
Then you both stay on this magic unicorn carpet ride trip for weeks and even months and slowly but surely convince yourselves that you’ve found your divine match.
FINALLY. After all, this was the divine plan to begin with, wasn’t it?
Then suddenly, without warning, things change. The rug is pulled from underneath your feet and before you can tell what hit you it’s over. Just like that.
Once again you start looking for answers. You go online just to find that there is a plethora of information out there that talks about negative twin flame experiences, the separation phase, the runner phenomenon, etc..
Here you go making up excuses for your relationship and most importantly for your partner, why they can’t love you the way you actually deserve it, why they can’t treat you the way you deserve it, and ultimately why they can’t be WITH you.
And here you go experiencing excruciating pain in your chest and you feel as if someone died.
And someone did die indeed. Your dream that you fed with so much emotion that is had turned into an entity of its own.
Days turn into weeks, into months and sometimes into years. During this traumatic time, your frequency is much lower than what it used to be and nothing goes right…
Even if your ex gets married to someone else, you will still find someone who will tell you that they need to make this experience in order so they can be with you… Really?
Or is it that you’re just terrified to call it a day and move on? Can it be that you don’t want to step out of the false comfort zone you created for yourself?
Every person that comes into your life teaches you a lesson or bears a message for you.
Do not fight this, accept the lesson, integrate it, and move on. Be brave, there’s more love out there.
If two people are meant for each other it will be easy, it will be simple, it will be smooth.
True love is supposed to make you feel better, not worse. Sometimes love doesn’t last forever or it changes from romance to friendship. And that’s ok. Why not stay in the moment and enjoy fully what’s there to enjoy and move on once the message has been delivered? The entire life purpose to make experiences that serve the soul’s evolution…
And what is the primary lesson every soul incarnated on earth must learn and master?
Loving yourself is the greatest lesson on your journey to ascension.
It’s alright if a partner stops loving you they way used to or at least the way it seemed.
You still have yourself to love you. That’s what must be learned here. If they can’t love you the way you deserve you must do it yourself. And thus, you ascended higher in frequency and are closer to your one true and everlasting twin flame love.
We have many soul mates to love and only one twin flame.
Do not allow the negative stories of humans to conflict with your own. You are the creator of your world.
You are the creator of your story. There are still many blank pages in your book. Now, what story are you going to write for yourself? 😉
I love you.
We are the family of light.
Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation





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