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Prepare for a turbulent month. Your souls are asking for a deep purge, and the stars follow this theme. You’re letting go of the few ties you still have to 3D, but you’ll be shedding them like a snake sheds its skin.

The Tarot has warned me that there is an Inner Masculine wound that you as a collective need to heal urgently, so focus your Shadow Work on that. I’ll give you some tips on Shadow Work at the end of this forecast. Stop looking for this Inner Masculine wound to be healed by a powerful Masculine Energy from the outside. You’ll have to find the strength to heal this wound within.

Your soul will go through a couple of rude awakenings. The best way you can harness this energy to ascend to 5D is to accept them and embrace these processes, even if they are painful. The kind of pain you feel is actually a 3D illusion. You have the strength to handle these difficult moments, and they will only bring you growth and further wisdom.

Try to remain calm whenever possible. I know you’re exhausted, dear family of light. The spiritual work you’re putting in is no joke. It’s the equivalent of lifting some really heavyweights at the gym. I know how much you need to rest and I wish I could tell you there will be time to breathe and for self-care. You will have to fight for these tiny pockets of calm and intentionally make time to breathe and rest.

Mars enters Libra on September 15th. Your action will be oriented to bettering your interpersonal relationships. Mars is in exile in the sign of Libra, so it will be rather tense energy that’s ripe for observation and self-exploration. As Mars is the planet of Masculine Energy, you can use this planetary movement to heal your Inner Masculine. Lose your fear of taking the initiative with your loved ones or romantic prospects. Analyze in what relationships you may be slacking off. Relationships take work! Revise your patterns when it comes to giving. An Inner Masculine wound may lead you to have a poor relationship with giving. You may give too much or too little, or you might insist on giving more than what you receive.

On September the 20th, there’s a Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune. This energy is ideal for purging. Let go of any supposedly spiritual beliefs that are holding you back from being in true alignment with your own Higher Self. As Neptune is the planet of illusion, a few masks might come off during this time. False spiritual teachers and practices might be revealed. Use this time wisely, as it will provide you with an incredible strength to let go. You might feel a headache or weakness the day of the Full Moon, but remember the effects will last for a few days. This is a prime time to do some soul-searching and unburden yourself from any beliefs that are clouding your judgment and your connection with your Higher Self.

Mercury will go retrograde on September 27th in the sign of Libra, intensifying the theme of rethinking your interpersonal relationships. Expect miscommunication, misunderstandings, and relationship breakdowns. Try to focus on existing connections during this time, rather than trying to forge new relationships.

On October the 6th, there’s a New Moon in Virgo. The time is ripe for trying to integrate a new habit that helps you take care of your body. Take the day off and have a bubble bath, I know you need a break. It’s also a great day to start off a new exercise routine, fix your sleep schedule, or diet. Among the storm that is the month ahead, this is a sacred day that you can dedicate entirely to your physical well-being, so treat it as such.

Venus moves to Sagittarius on October the 7th. Your love life might take an adventurous turn. You might be attracted to foreigners, or you will experience a brief period of good luck for overseas travel. Enjoy life from the mindset of optimism, expansion, and an open mind. This is a welcome reprieve from the tense energy of the past few days. Open your heart to fun, unexpected adventure and brief romance with people who are very different from you.

When Saturn goes direct in Aquarius on October the 10th, humanity as a whole will be forced to act to have a better impact on the planet. Social Issues will go to the forefront again. Saturn is at home in Aquarius, just like it is in Capricorn. But the difference with Capricorn is that, in Aquarius, it’s all about what our duties to humanity as a whole are. Whenever it is retrograde, we become more introspective about the themes of the sign it’s in. Once it is direct, we start to see the outer manifestation of the introspection we have collectively been doing.

The planet is suffering and social tensions are coming to a boil. Expect unrest in these areas, but be reassured that humanity as a whole is moving to a place where everything is going to be much fairer and we will live in communion with nature.

Shadow Work Ritual: The best time to perform this ritual is either the Full Moon on September the 20th or the New Moon on October the 6th. Cleanse a white or black candle with a cotton pad by rubbing alcohol and water. When you cleanse it, make sure you go from the bottom to the top, as we are purging. Carve your full name and date of birth on the candle and light it.

If you have Obsidian, you can use it during this time, it will reveal your Shadow Self so you can examine it. If you need to lessen the effects of this stone, which can be intense, you can pair it with Rose Quartz. If you own a Tarot deck, you can also get the Emperor card out and include it in the ritual. Meditate with it a few days after the ritual.

While the candle is lit, write about these questions on a plain piece of paper:

1. Do I need to give more than I receive? Why?
2. Do I want to feel needed so people won’t leave me?
3. Do I struggle to advocate for what I need? Why?
4. Would I protect myself the same way I protect others? Why (not)?
5. What does it mean to protect others?
6. What does it mean to protect myself?
7. How has my relationship with my father(s)/father figure(s) impacted the way I think about protection? Am I following their patterns? Am I doing the exact opposite? Why?
8. When I protect myself, am I acting out of love or out of fear?
9. How do I recover my strength? Am I making time to recover my strength?

Once you’re done, burn the piece of paper. Put the ashes inside a toilet paper roll (they’re better than glass jars for this purpose because they are biodegradable). Bend one side of the roll so it remains closed. Put some brown sugar on top of the ashes, then bend the other side of the roll to close it completely.

Take a walk and bury the toilet paper roll. Put some fresh flowers on top as an offer to Mother Nature, and say a prayer asking Mother Nature or your preferred Deity for strength.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray




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