The Truth About Spirit

Spirit is incapable of being harmed by anyone or anything. One can deny the Spirit, but the lack of recognition of Spirit does not repudiate the Spirit. The Spirit is conscious and pure of functional intent. The Spirit always inspires us. The Spirit is always true to form which is free from the confines of mentality, physicality, and emotionality. The Spirit affects our mind, body, and emotions deeply. The Spirit is freely flowing throughout the Cosmos and always presented at the perfect time.

When our conscious brains deny our Spiritual nature we become enslaved to the constraints of a limited Consciousness by disallowing our Awareness to feel True Love. When this occurs, we suffer emotionally. When we disrespect the reality of our physical state of being, we will suffer mentally. Such disorders cause much distress, anxiety, and even terror. With sustained levels of any type of fear, mental breakdowns become inevitable. Being out of balance emotionally or mentally causes stress on our physical bodies in the form of disease, and illness.

The physical body is our spaceship. Our Consciousness is our light gathering image generator. Our Chakras are our power generators. Our Spirit is the fuel source. We can gauge our Energy consumption by feeling our Spirit level. When we expend Energy, we use Spirit to allow us to proceed with our oscillations of motion. We can feel all sources of Energy through our senses. When we pay attention to however we are feeling currently, we will enable our ability to assess our Spirit level.

Through our experiences, we become more familiar with our recognition of friction. If we become more aware of any conflict expressed as friction prior to it becoming an irritant, we may stave off unnecessary pain. When we disregard any annoyances as being useless information, we are not trusting our intuition. If we ignore anything that disturbs us, we are refuting our instinct. These types of “other worldly” feelings are generated from one or more of our sense of Space, Motion, and Time…our Spiritual SENSEis.

When we become still, we will feel The Spirit. Sometimes, our emotions will move us to these points of entropy through which we will force ourselves to a state of utter confusion that initially seems hopeless. When we break through, we find ourselves in that Space of Nothingness where there is deadly silent stillness. When we stop trying to become peaceful, and simply allow for Spirit to refill our being, we rejoice.

Those HAH-HA-HAH occurrences become AH-HA moments of beautiful clarity. We become fearless because of how the SPIRit inSPIRes us. We are so peaceful that we become compelled to share how we feel with others. The free exchange of Energy is The Way, for it is the Spirit that fuels us. We give of our Time and Energy by simply paying attention to others. When we do this without any expectations of receiving anything in return, we are loving others purely. We will have a limitless supply of peacefulness on tap.

Humans are so resilient, and can become very comfortable being in states of slower vibrations, which occurs when we are low in their Spirit. When we allow our Spirit to be drained, we only need to find a way to laugh or cry tears of gratitude. We can recall a memory that we know will move us to tears or put a smile on our face. If we believe that we deserve to be punished or we believe we are unworthy of being loved, we will continue to suffer.

Our perception is determined through our Belief System. When we can maintain even the smallest degree of belief in ourselves, including doubts, we can endure low Energy intervals of Time long enough to survive as we process the information even during our low periods. Sometimes, the wisest thing that we can do is simply breathe. When we stop breathing, we are no longer able to process the Energy through our bodies.

Our Warrior Spirit is that which inspires us to rise up and fight. We remember that our Spirit can be defended. We realize that we are not required to be abused in any manner whether it’s mentally, physically, or emotionally. Humans are designed to endure any of the vast array of life processes, but are not made for the purpose of being Spiritually abused.

Human Beings were specifically created to exist for the Soul Purpose of being Light transceiving and Energy transforming Love Transponders. We live for one another whether or not we are aware of this revelation.

As we all inevitably expand our Awareness, we realize our purpose and merge our will with that of the Universe. The misconception that once we merge our will with that of others, we will become indebted. If we have Faith that all that ever actually matters is how we will feel when we give of ourselves freely, while loving ourselves unconditionally, we will allow for Love to flow without the barriers of fear, guilt, or shame. To be of service is to feel truly free for our real abilities reveal our actual power of Love. We re-remember how to use this power to inspire others and create merging realities that increase the rates of oscillation of all connected Consciousnesses.


Michael Evrard

Artist: @weheartitapp



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