The Soul Ocean


The path of Truth is like a flight over water. It will constantly reflect your evolution back at you, reminding you of your transformation. But if you’ve erred, it won’t take long for you to notice. Hopefully you will correct your trajectory before getting swallowed by the sea. The ocean is the great solvent, the vent of the soul. That is why the word solution is phonetically identical to soul ocean. The root word to solvent, solution, and soul is sol. Seawater can be reduced to salt and is conducive to the electric nature of living matter. The dead cannot utilize salt, and it is for this reason that sea salt keeps disembodied energies away. It is also the reason that written hexes and spells are dissolved in salt water.

All written claims of authority and ownership of property by government, religious orders, or any other cult should be dissolved in salt water immediately and all man-made laws should be abrogated, since not one person has a right to dictate to you his or her whims. Whether or not you comprehend how the Inversive Brethren whirl their wards through the ether, or work together in secret to craft the illusion that their power comes from an ethereal source, or enter into contracts with disembodied entities from the netherworld, it is entirely irrelevant if the outcome is the same. You don’t have to understand how a weapon works to be killed by it. You can comprehend everything about this system and still be ensnared in it, or you could know nothing about it and be totally independent of it due to your lifestyle of not engaging in commerce.

There is a spiritual component to all of this sorcery. The best thing we can do is focus on what we can control, which is the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we act. We can change our situation by reprogramming it back to freedom, and the only way we can do that is to abstain from harming other beings, as well as protecting our own vessel from toxic energy, whether it be environments, technology, people, or food. We can’t help others till we help ourselves. You can’t change anyone else. You can only inspire them. Most people will not consider changing a system till they are no longer benefitting from it, and right now there are far too many people living high on the hog to give a damn about changing. It’s hard to change when things are good. Sometimes people need to hit rock bottom before they change their ways. It seems like that’s where society is going, so the best thing you can do is prepare for that and insulate yourself from it.

It’s not your responsibility to change the world or to change anyone else. Your responsibility is solely based on what you can control: yourself. When you look at government and the laws of man, it’s all a magickal farce that cannot bind anything in the real world. If man’s law had any ability to bind the natural world, or if those creating man-made laws had any authority whatsoever, there would be no need for order-following gang/cult members to “enforce” them by stealing freedom in exchange for a paycheck from the various levels of the solar cult, which is run by a dark occult priest class. I empathize with many of the people that entered into those contracts to “serve and protect” because, as far as the disclosure presented to them goes, they believed they were still operating under common law for the community or whatever other idealistic worldview they espoused in regards to being a public servant. But they were not given full disclosure. Since no one was given full disclosure and there was no meeting of the minds, all commercial contracts are null and void.

All statutes are null and void because they are based on penal code that is rooted in penalties, which are one party’s forfeiture due to their inability to uphold their obligations in an agreement, which is a contract. See how this works? By the time those who operate this wicked system figure it out, they’ve usually worked in it for a decade or two and the benefits they derived from the system have provided them with a level of comfort that enabled them to take out a mortgage and start a family. Not only that, they took occult oaths to the Crown Temple without even realizing it! They usually have three or more other lives that they are responsible for in terms of proving food, shelter, education, etc. So let me make something clear: it is incumbent upon you to upgrade your level of awareness and stop entering into contracts with them rather than expect anyone who profits from the system to grow a conscience and risk the lives of their family by walking away. People don’t work like that and you can’t expect them to. Those who benefit from this paradigm are comparable to junkies that are too entrenched in their addictions to do anything about it.

You are the intervention. They need you to pull them out and provide them with an exit strategy, and the only way you can do that is to stop feeding the system with your capital and consent, and then abrogate the capacity for man made laws/statutes to be binding upon you outside of the community that espouses them. Once these feeble do-nothings and know-nothings, who were born on third base thinking they hit a triple, have no means to attack you with their military industrial complex (due to them having no one/nothing to execute their orders), then you will be free to create abundance and equip the necessary means to protect it. Anarchy does not mean no government, no rules, no boundaries, etc. It just means no rulers/masters. Entering into a commercial contract/agreement should only exist between the parties engaged in it. You travelling or “driving” should not then be an occult contract of you entering into commerce because you registered your car or registered your CQV into a “driver’s license.” Commerce should be free from all of the entanglements of government, lest there be some sort of wrong committed that can be decided upon in a real common law court by a jury of other sovereigns (I suggest creating new names for these so that they’re not based in servitude, i.e., Hall of Natural Law).

The current system enables people who produce nothing to manipulate those who would otherwise produce abundance, for themselves and others, into a restricted life of scarcity. From patent trolls to corporations receiving the protection and subsidization of government, to all of these other nasty mechanisms through which cunning cults can deprive people of their property; it all must be dissolved and abrogated. The idea that martial law can even exist must be abrogated. The idea that maritime admiralty law can be applied to anything other than ships on the sea must be abrogated. There is no legitimate reason that one person can take something from you unless you have decided to give it. You giving up something out of fear of being fined, jailed, or murdered is not “contributing to society, government, or country/nation.” All contracts entered into wherein one party is under duress are null and void. Till then, it is my preference to sign all commercial contracts with …vc before my signature in a subtle way that makes it look like part of my name. This way it doesn’t garner attention.

This represents ‘vis compulsiva’ or ‘vi coactus’ in Latin, meaning “under constraint or duress, by way of force (compulsive force) or being compelled against one’s will,” and the ellipses (…) represent some form of protest that you wanted to make but could not due to the circumstances. While some people in the legal world scoff at this because it holds no weight as far as their slavery system goes, it holds all of the weight spiritually because if you don’t sign you drift into dishonor. If you do sign, you’re committing legal fraud because you do not own the cestui que vie trust in that name. If you don’t’ sign, then you can’t get your compensation, or you can’t get employed or pursue happiness, etc. They have created a situation where you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so as you start unbinding yourself, if you ever get drawn into this illegitimate system and your commercial transactions are used against you, then you can highlight the fact that you were under duress when you entered into those contracts.

It may not hold weight right now, because the “legal authorities” have militarized thugs who will inflict violence upon you if you don’t do what they want, but as this system deteriorates, you will be in a great position to draw emphasis to and expose how you never engaged in commerce other than when you were compelled to do so by the threat of violence. Here is a wonderful oath to rescind them all that I heard Kenneth Scott, House of Cousens, give to others in a lecture. I improved upon it for my own sake, and I recommend you make your own version of this and say it with conviction, keeping a personal copy of it in your own writing, visible to all in your home or workplace:

“I hereby revoke and rescind any and all oaths, vows, commitments, energetic ties, contracts (written or oral), that I, as a living being in my true capacity, have ever taken upon myself in this life, or any other life, that are not in alignment with me here and now. They are hereby revoked and rescinded ab initio (“to or from the beginning”) nunc pro tunc (“now for then,” as if they never were). Additionally, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing any and all hexes, schemes, or constructs that I consented to or bought into that sustained the illusions of all that I have learned and discovered, in this work and the next, and in this life and the next.”

The solution will always be found in freedom, responsibility, knowledge, Truth, healthy/organic living, diversity, morality, voluntarism, respect, individuality, creativity, and above all: don’t cause harm to others, i.e., don’t steal. The less control, the less chaos. Consciousness is the spiritual fire that connects us. It very much behaves like fire. The paradox regarding fire is that the more you need it, the harder it is to create. It weakens and goes out in wet conditions, but it strengthens and spreads in dry conditions. We’ve essentially been trying to start a fire with a makeshift bow drill in the middle of a storm. We’ve managed to kindle some minds, but everything’s still wet. As the weather changes, we’ll have the most experience and be able to help others learn how to build fires of Truth and maintain them. Once man harnessed fire, look at how far he went. We’re still in the beginning of an age (Aquarius) that is coming out of over two millennia of deluge (the Age of Pisces). That’s equivalent to trying to start a fire in the wilderness after a monsoon, typhoon, or hurricane.

Everything is soaked. But it will dry off eventually. You can’t build with or start fires with wet material. It’s a condition that will have to be aired out. The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Air, and it will dry all the previous age’s sorcery, lifting the fisher of men’s yokes off of the masses. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find dry material that’s been sheltered through the storm, by way of Nature or by way of man. There are all kinds of places where spiritual flames can be lit. Last but certainly not least, there seems to be a correlation between cultures descending into savagery and the removal or destruction of words that express gratitude. Gratitude is the one thing that all of us must go out of our way to express. Much of our life’s work is thankless and expected of us. You’d be amazed at how far recognition and gratitude will take us, and if you sincerely get there, you’ll discover that it’s impossible to harbor toxic emotions while operating in a state of gratitude.

Jacob Booth

Artist: @jarednarber



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