The Shadow People – Aliens? Ghosts? Or Entities From Another Dimension?

First Published: March 11, 2019
Last updated: September 1st, 2020
Written by: Marcus Lowth

While they have been seen for centuries, at least according to legends and folklore, it would appear that sightings and general awareness of Shadow People are increasing as we surge forward into the twenty-first century. And while these mysterious, black silhouette-type entities are seemingly at home in the paranormal world of ghosts and apparitions, reports of such beings crop up regularly in case of alien abduction.

Depiction of Shadow People Entities

Who or what are Shadow People?

These strange creatures, if we look at the accounts of those who claim to have witnessed them, are never seen head-on. Instead, they are visible for only several seconds, usually at the very limit of your peripheral vision. Perhaps rather chillingly, those who do see them more close-up are usually witnessing these unnerving creatures running directly into them or even jumping upon their chest and “choking” them.

While there are several relatively sound explanations for why people see these strange entities, the overall descriptions given in such accounts are so strikingly similar that “hallucination”, however comforting to many, simply might not be explanatory of the full picture. Whatever these strange shadowy apparitions are, they are most definitely a widespread and feared urban legend of our contemporary era.

Before we move on, the video below examines the Shadow People in brief.

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