The Roswell Foil: How UFO discoveries radically change how we see the world.

Premiered Jan 10, 2021

This video presents an overview of Dr. Kroth’s latest book, The Roswell Foil: how UFO discoveries radically change how we see the world (2021). From the Roswell incident to every major corroborated UFO encounter, Prof. Jerry Kroth, author of 16 books, presents the most compelling and corroborated UFO evidence objectively and with due respect to skeptics. This story does not end with UFOs, however, but if extraterrestrials have made contact with humanity, how does that change our understanding of mythology, archeology, history, and even biology. The implications are beyond enormous. The story begins with Professor Kroth’s personal encounter with the Roswell foil far back in 1965 when a student came up to him and said “My daddy said I should show you this. . . ”

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