This is a story of Earth, Humanity, the Reptilians, the Archons, and Atlantis. I  hope you enjoy it. ~ Love, Solaris

What Happens to the Reptilians

The interplay of dark and light on Earth led to putting the Reptilian race on the path to ascension.

Their interaction with Earth and human beings created spiritual growth for them. In the end, the experience caused them to re-establish a connection in their hearts with which they could finally experience heart based love and have the opportunity to live from the heart center and expand their consciousness.

Their function on Earth and relative to Humanity was to take on the role of dark oppressors. Their key strategic capability was controlling the fourth dimensional ‘matrix’ of oppression and suppression surrounding Earth that created a control matrix upon human beings.

The Reptilians operated this matrix around and on the Earth in an alliance with the Archons, a race of beings embodying the dark forces that hides in the background, because archons cannot physically incarnate into this dimension.

So, given all this nastiness, how is it possible that the reptilians’ experience with humanity on Earth in the end benefitted both humanity and the reptilians? And, how was it possible that the interaction of humanity and reptilians was critical to the spiritual growth of each species?  This article answers these questions.

But first, let’s also be clear about what has happened with Earth, and the reptilians, and let’s put this story in the context of the greater themes occurring in our solar system, and in the galaxy.

Humanity Receives Assistance with the Reptilians – from Reptilians

Now, I’m telling you the end of the story of the reptilians – but we have not yet as a people and a planet lived through the end of the story.  However, it may be helpful for us to know what the ending is, and that is why I’m telling you this story, Now.

In the planetary healing work that I have done, I have witnessed higher dimensional reptilians, from our future, filled with unconditional love, apologizing to human beings from the current time, who were suffering from dark inflicted trauma (especially against children).

What I saw in that healing work, and what was communicated to me by these beings, is that these ‘ascended’ or spiritually mature reptilian beings, who are fifth dimensional and higher frequencies, and are from our future, have returned, now, to assist their fellow fourth dimensional reptilian ancestors on Earth to exit this planet – to leave Now.

In addition, there are fourth dimensional reptilians who are of the ‘current time’, but who are in alignment with the peace occurring throughout the galaxy, who have arrived to Earth’s realm as observers.  Their role is to assist removal of their remaining recalcitrant population from the Earth realms.  These fellows do not take ‘No’ for an answer, from their own people.  Rank and position are very meaningful in reptilian culture, and these observers far outrank Earth based reptilians, from the perspective of their own culture.

Earth – We’re Going to ‘Make It’

First, it will be good to know that humanity is going to ‘make it’.  Our planet is going to survive through these last phases of reptilian influence, including the influence of humans committed to their ways (Machiavelli, anyone?).  The human race is going to spiritually evolve and thrive, and have a lasting peace.

How do I know this? Well, besides all the messages we get about this from various channeled sources, there is something I have seen in the energy healing work I have done in service to Gaia.  What I have seen, doing this work, is that the Creator grants the deepest wishes of the heart of all beings.   I know that Earth is going to have peace and freedom for humanity, because this is the deepest wish of human beings, this is what the heart of humanity desires.  And, I can feel this.

If you are reading this, then I figure there is a good likelihood that we are on the same timeline, and that is, the timeline of peace, and of freedom, and of prosperity for humanity.  This timeline includes the transition of Earth to a higher dimensional plane, where peace takes hold among the population.  Glad we got this cleared up! (The timeline we are in reference to!  Lol.)  No…really.

The dark forces have had their way with the timelines for Earth many, many times.  I’m talking – that they have had their version of their preferred ending in many, many timelines in many variations.

We are currently living through the expansions of timelines the other way, for Earth.  That is, we are living through the various expressions of timelines of how we get to peace, as a planet.

The ‘play’ that we are all participating in on Earth, now, is the main timeline of peace, and ascension.  Ascension means, expanding frequencies.  Expanding frequencies correlates with the expanding consciousness of the people.  So, to move towards spiritual evolution, as the human race and as a planet, we experience ascension – a rising frequency and a rising consciousness that changes our basic belief systems and allows for peace to occur between peoples.

This is the general timeline we are experiencing, now, for most of us. Because, there are always multiple timelines running. This allows for the greatest flexibility for Souls to have and to gain experience.  In your heart, you will know the truth of which timeline you have chosen as your Soul path.

As we move forward, each offshoot, each event in time, gets to have it’s expression.  This expression is occurring concurrently in a variety of ways in a variety of alternative timelines – to an extent.  That is why, in the current day, we seem to be like a huge ship, tossing and lurching in high and choppy waves.  In the short term, we are as a group, choosing between the timeline options of the smaller ‘offshoots’ of the story.

But the primary timeline of peace and ascension is what will endure, this time. Lol.

Good to know, right!?

Why A Broader Context Aids Our Understanding

Over time, in the coming (I don’t know) days or weeks or months or years, we may come to understand more and more of our past history, some of which was influenced by extraterrestrials.  I don’t know if the whole population will come to know, but some segment of the population will learn this information, if only because someone needs to know to create understanding and spur forgiveness, and peace, feelings which will spread to the rest of humanity.

So the point of this article, is to give details of the larger story, that may assist us in understanding the larger picture, that this may assist us in developing forgiveness to move on and to heal the human race.

Moving to Peace and Forgiveness

The achievement of ascension for the reptilian race, after millions of years in this galaxy, well – some beings thought was not possible for them.  Yet the reptilian race not only endured, but reached an ascended state (in our future), primarily through the benefit of it’s interaction with Earth and with humanity.

This is the purpose behind this article – to achieve peace and understanding for individual human beings of our joint history with the reptilians that were unseen and off world (and at times, on planet) overlords of the human population.

If you are reading this article, then perhaps you are one of the ones who will assist in creating this understanding among those you know, if this resonates with you, and you are one of the ones who will, if you desire, move to peace and forgiveness in your hearts.

Some Galactic History

The reptilians are a galactic race that was at the apex of mentality, of strategy, of cunning, and of militarism.

Not all of their people were dominant and war-like, in fact, long ago some of their species mixed very peaceably with humans on the early human planets associated with the Lyrans.  The name of one of these planets was, Varagasia.

Thus, when I say their interaction with Earth created spiritual growth for the reptilian race, what I mean is that it created this growth in the holdouts of this race most dedicated to winning their side of the galactic war, and that embodied the most intense characteristics of their species.

With the peace and rising frequencies of light sweeping across Earth (in the current day, and in our future) many of these reptilian holdouts still on Earth, or in the fourth dimension of the Earth realm, were killed at the direction of their own people, the observer reptilians who took the side of peace for our world, for Earth, and for their own people.

The final reptilian holdouts were removed and eliminated, from Earth, in support of Earth and humanity by the rest of the reptilian races, with the intent of allowing humanity to develop without the presence of their race, any longer. This also completed their side of a treaty, discussed below, that granted the reptilians the path to ascension, increased consciousness and the opportunity to develop a true heart connection with Source energy.

Long ago, on Varagasia, the society was both a monarchy, which made decisions in agreement with a planetary council, and it was a democracy.  This planet was originally a human planet, but because of it’s unique and accepting qualities, the population blended peacefully with peaceful reptilians who intermixed with the human people.

This was a population that was well cared for by the government, where the people were free to do as they wished in their lives.  They were active in space in their section of the galaxy, with a large fleet and lots of peaceful and trade activity.  They were security conscious and took all the precautions they could to safeguard their planet.

This planet, Varagasia, was on the edge of making a significant step up in spiritual and civil consciousness.  This is termed ‘ascension’. They were at an advanced stage of development, for their time, and of peaceful living, and were about to expand their consciousness, even further.

The dark forces in the galaxy were not happy about the peaceful mixing of the reptilian race with the humans and did their best to undermine these situations.  What they attempted to do, through militaristic reptilians from another sector of the galaxy, was to interfere with their development, and to turn this early planet into a similar copy of what has been done on Earth – repression of the feminine energies and denigration of the population.

The human-reptilian population of Varagasia made a group choice to say ‘No’ to this plan by these reptilian forces, and their planet was subsequently destroyed. This was done prior to the planet achieving ascension of the population; or, just prior to the group of reptilians and humans making a huge step up in evolutionary growth, together.

That this happened, is not surprising, as looking at galactic history, the dark forces often attempt this move (division, undermining, subterfuge, and outright dark acts) at the point of a huge leap forward in a population’s evolutionary and spiritual growth, no matter what the planet is or what species is the population.

The dark forces can be of any kind of species, but this story is about the reptilians, so that is who they are in this story.  The dark forces are more an energy than any particular race – their energies manifest into beings of different races, and some species, and some beings, are more receptive to this state than others.

Galactic History is Flexible and Expansive Because Time is Flexible

Now, I’m sure that there are many stories of early human planets told by many people, and there are many stories of galactic history.  It’s important to understand why there are so many variations to these stories – they have all been ‘performed’ in ‘time-loops’.

What I mean, is that these stories have been played, and replayed, by Creation, over and over.  In every new incarnation of the stories, events are slightly changed, to see what will happen.  This is how Creation operates.

The number of timelines, alternative timelines, parallel timelines, and so on, therefore, associated with these events is extensive, and possibly infinite from our perspective.

The greater arc of the story is played, and replayed, as are the offshoots of the greater story, and the offshoots of the offshoots, resulting in an expansion of Creation with infinite possibilities, but all eventually going in a general direction in the service of Creation.

As you might imagine, all of this has taken eons in the third and fourth dimensions of the Milky Way Galaxy.

A Strategic Plan for Saving the Reptilian Race

As life in the galaxy advanced, over millions of years, the reptilians’ very existence was threatened, as the galaxy moved from all out war to a rising peace between all beings.

The rising frequencies of light created by the shift to peace of countless souls, across the galaxy, was a harbinger of the end of the reptilians’ way of life.  Many became aware that it would also mean the end of their very species, which would not be able to physically survive, as the galaxy shifted towards the much higher frequencies of peace, and higher dimensions of ‘space’, without a heart-based connection with their Souls, or, to Source.

The reptilians literally needed to learn to love to survive, and the biggest experiment in love that was going on in the galaxy, was on Earth with the humans.

Now, here is how time really works:  the biggest experiment going on in the galaxy was on Earth with the humans, in part because it involved the reptilians. Thus, the reptilians were sent to Earth to participate.

The galaxy was moving to an energetic dimension which would no longer support life for beings of their kind.  Their survival meant they would have to change at a very foundational level, yet retain the essence of who they are.

Their race was a dominant one in the galaxy, but they were facing extinction of their way of life, and of their very existence, also, because for all their many talents, they could not adapt and evolve.  Above and beyond measures would be required.

The reptilians’ eventual shift would require eons of time, to move their species from the deep density they thrived in, to higher dimensions of existence, and finally, towards a connection with heart, and with Source energy.  Thankfully, in the current time, we are at the end of this story, and we are at the beginning of the next part of the story.

We are at a shift point in time.

We are at the part of the story, of the reptilian departure from Earth.  What happens next is that Earth-Gaia and humanity is free to develop on it’s trajectory, and the reptilian race is free to develop it’s own ascension process.

Some Reptilian History

The leadership of the reptilian race desired to participate in the ascension process.  That is; they wished for their race to develop spiritual maturity and mastery – to developed heart-based love and connection with Soul and Source energy.  Thus, they petitioned the highest galactic spiritual councils for assistance.  A plan was constructed, and they followed it to the best of their ability.

To say that ‘the plan went off the rails’, would be an understatement.  The reptilian leadership lost control of the situation almost immediately.  Timeline after timeline was run, scenario after scenario.  Over hundreds and thousands of years.  The interaction between Earth and the reptilians always ended in disaster, for both sides.

How was this possible, that the reptilians could consciously participate at the highest levels of their society in cross-timeline scenarios?  The reptilians had access to technology, with the benefit of celestial and higher dimensional assistance, that allowed certain members of the race (the royalty of their race) to cross between timelines. Thus, they were able to view many timelines, and experience many timelines, and this is how they knew what would happen – in every case, over the eons, things went askew.

Maybe, this is what it took for the reptilians to finally relent, after what seemed like eons, and agree to a peaceable and equitable ending for both Earth and their race.  Maybe, this is what they required to finally agree to a withdrawal, from Earth.  Maybe this is what they needed to understand that retreat was their only option to survive, and, they hoped, for their race to eventually thrive, in the higher dimensions.

Maybe this is what they needed to address their own overwhelming inner fear and isolation, and the complete desolation of feeling  any true emotions of love, within.

Lots of scenarios.

Some History of the Experience of the Reptilians on Earth

What the reptilian leadership learned, through repeatedly running and living through timeline scenarios, was the following:  There were several issues with the reptilian – human interaction and relationship on Earth.

First, the hybrid ‘children’ of reptilians and humans did not have any allegiance to following the greater plan, for one thing, nor did they have allegiance to the reptilian hierarchy, or to the reptilian species in general.

Second, the reptilian nature is competitive, hierarchical, individually focused, and yet militaristic. When planted on Earth, there was a dissonance between individual achievement within their species, and following orders, a natural aspect of their cultural structure.  At such a great distance from their home planets and solar systems, the reptilian allegiance to ‘being reptilian’ was not a priority.

Third, while the high leadership of the reptilians viewed saving the race as a priority, they did not have the depth of understanding of how to consciously do this.  In fact, no one knew exactly how to do this, in terms of executing the plan. The issue here is that to attend the higher galactic council meetings, the leadership did so in their light bodies.  This experience was granted to the reptilians by celestial forces.  When they then incarnated or returned back to reptilian bodies, the leadership of the reptilians could not entirely remember what had been decided – they were left with vague feelings and memories – they were left with trusting and following their lower instinct and their higher intuition.

The high leadership had to convince the military and other factions to go along with this plan, but the concept of saving their race was not one that could be understood by the ‘rank and file’, who viewed the strength and strategic superiority of the reptilian species as somewhat eternal – the ‘rank and file’ could not see that what they were best at, would eventually come to a hard stop, and they could not see that they would have to expand spiritually.

Thus, the reptilian association with Earth, at the rank and file level, was only understood through the reptilian concepts of dominion, honor, following orders, and besting others.

Fourth, the high leadership of the reptilian race was too far away from Earth to significantly influence the turn of events, here.  The leadership relied heavily on the hierarchy which was of utmost importance to them.  However, hierarchy broke down readily at such a great distance, and the leadership did not take active responsibility for themselves.  Thus, the reptilians at Earth created their own structure and hierarchy, and their own set of plans, over and over.

Finally, the reptilian leadership was divided.  Once they began interacting with Earth, many agendas started forming that were not related to the greater strategy, and those benefiting from these agendas, did their best to do whatever it took for their side of the reptilian effort to win, and to dominate their inner politics and inner governmental workings. This extended the reptilian presence and effort on Earth long past when it was meant to be completed, as holdout groups refused to withdraw and hunkered down until they were removed, eventually.

Reptilians would be called to develop their heart, over their strength and over their minds.  But, most were not at the level of development spiritually to do this consciously.  Now, there were medical teams working on ‘the reptilian issue’, as well, and light surgeons working on and analyzing the reptilian DNA.  But, this is not my area, so I am not able to report on it for now.

Leading the reptilians to a heart connection would also require  a compressed, or rather extreme, set of circumstances.

Some Solar System History

At the same time, over in the Sol solar system (Earth’s solar system), humanity on Earth had it’s own challenges.  Gaia, the name for the consciousness of our planet, had taken on visitors from other worlds for their own healing, and to bring them along in spiritual development.

This included beings from within the Sol solar system who planets had been destroyed (Marduk – now an asteroid field – and later, Mars).

These beings had destroyed their planets in nuclear type wars (Marduk) or were almost destroyed in nuclear type wars (Mars).

The consciousness of these individuals was more war like, and, they had the memories and energies of great destruction that they brought with them to their incarnations on Earth, and these required great healing.

On Earth, these individuals were having trouble making the shift towards higher frequency embodiment.  Yet, the planet was moving to a sector of the galaxy, on the path of the solar system’s rotation around the galactic sun, which not only facilitated spiritual expansion of the population, it to an extent demanded higher frequency expansion of the population, so that the people would survive in the sectors of the galaxy with higher frequency emissions of photonic light.

Some Earth History, or, Some History of Atlantis

Fast forward to Atlantis.  Atlantis was a great civilization that existed on Earth, and came to it’s end 13,000 years ago in a great cataclysm.  Atlantis was a group of islands, and a large land mass, whose primary location was in the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans.

There are many stories of Atlantis, and what I’d like to do is take a much higher, spiritual view of Atlantis, because the higher view creates the room to foster peace and forgiveness, and even gratitude, for what happened.

The end of Atlantis again coincided with a point in time called ascension – a window of opportunity for beings and planet to shift upward in frequency – to achieve a new level of spiritual development as a group.

As we noted above, this is also a point in time when the dark forces will often attempt to interfere with a planet and population’s development, to shift the focus of light back towards darkness, rather than the focus shifting towards more light in the galaxy.

At the end of Atlantis, Earth was passing through a part of the galaxy, in our solar system’s orbit around the galaxy, of higher frequency photonic light that would facilitate this upwards ascension of the planet and of the people.

There was a broad disagreement on Atlantis about how to proceed as a society, and this disagreement was carried out behind the scenes more so than in public.

One of the scientific strategies pursued at that time, was a strategic attempt to entrain all the population to higher frequencies in preparation for ascension. These frequencies were emanated into the entire society, primarily through water, but these frequencies permeated all – the air everyone breathed, the atmosphere we walked in, was permeated by these frequencies that were in line, it was thought, with the ascension process.

What this meant, is that anyone who did not want to participate did not have a choice in the matter – their world was permeated with high frequency emissions.

Forcing people to ascend – not very spiritually mature or honoring of free will. This is the key reason why this strategy failed. The basics of universal law, or divine law, were not well understood, and the emission of high frequencies caused severe aggravation in those who were not aligned – who were of the dark forces.

The balance to these actions, today, are for example chemtrails – sprayed to lower the frequency of the population at the time of ascension, which is now – Earth is now again moving into a part of the galaxy with higher frequency photonic light.  Well, chemtrails is not going to work, either.  But, it does balance the actions and energies of what was occurring at the time of Atlantis. And, that is in alignment with universal, or divine, law – the eventual balancing out of energies across time.

When Atlantis was destroyed, during an event known as the Flood in the Bible, and it sunk to the bottom of the ocean, humanity was destroyed and had to be reseeded upon this planet.  How that occurred is beyond my knowing. But, what this did was to allow a restart for humanity.  Why was a restart important from a higher perspective?

It was important, because in 13,000 years (which is now), Earth would be passing through an even higher frequency part of the galaxy.

Here is my point:  if Atlantis had continued, and not been destroyed, it’s people would not have been able to expand their consciousness enough to survive the incoming light 13,000 years later.

This is why the ideas of ‘a new Atlantis’ being talked about now, are way off base to me.  If you remember, I mean really remember, what Atlantis was like – would you really wish to repeat this?

Remembering Atlantis

There was something magical about that time, and about Atlantis.  For those of us who remember being there, and living there, there is incredible, and deep emotion.

It took a very long time for me to let that go – 13,000 years, to be exact, LOL. And it wasn’t easy, either – it was crying and crying for a very long time.  It was intense self-blame. It was feelings of intense betrayal.

It was the hopes and dreams of a civilization, crashing down and burned to the ground, drowned under the ocean.  And it was an effort of love.  And we didn’t make it.

Or, did we?

A Brief History of the Last 13,000 Years on Earth

After Atlantis, humanity was reseeded on the Earth, but the reptilians solidified their control over the millennia, working with entities called the archons, who excel at sophisticated interdimensional technology.

In early times, the reptilians actually sometimes showed themselves to the people, as we discuss in this posting about a healing ceremony done in ancient Sumaria where a reptilian was present: Healing the Influence of Negative Extraterrestrials.  A simple Google search of ‘Sumarian Gods’ will reveal ancient statues with heads of reptiles, and other gods.

At any rate, the reptilians were working with the archons.  The archons were non-physical beings from our perspective, and very dark entities.  Their influence crosses over into the Luciferian realms, as they can communicate with humans who participate in dark fourth dimensional rituals.  The archons are nasty and dangerous creatures, however, they fear the light.  Simply feeling love, or shining your light around them, will cause them to flee your presence.

Interesting how we have been told to hide our light, isn’t it?

Now of course, there were times when hiding our light was a way to save one’s life when the darkness totally controlled this planet.  However, that is in the past, now.  Times have shifted, and shining the light is a way of inviting darker entities to exit your space – and to exit the planet, also.

Using technology is the only way that the archons can exit their realm, which is in the second dimension.  They ride in on the signals, and they appear as tiny black balls in clairvoyant vision, or a little like fleas.  They wish you to know that they are large monsters, incredibly scary.  And they are great at using technology to create a holographic effect, showing themselves in the fourth dimension as large and scary entities. But, when you shine a little light on them, they compress back to what they really look like – tiny, tiny little bugs.

In a human being that serves the reptilians and the dark forces, in clairvoyant vision these archons look like hundreds of small black balls, almost like black caviar, flowing in the body and held within the corresponding energy field. Now, you might like to know that much, much work has been done since 2012 to clear the fourth dimension of this sort of negative archonic energy.  The type of entities carrying these flows of black energies were typically high ranking cabal members, or dedicated minions of the cabal effecting the dark arts.

Calling in Archangel Michael, your guardian angels and feeling love and light causes these entities to flee.

Also, invoking the name of spiritual entities or teachers such as Jesus and the Holy Spirit will cause human beings carrying these energies to literally freeze, stop talking, and walk away.  I say this because I have personally experienced invoking the name of Jesus and having a person possessed by these energies simply freeze, stare over my shoulder as if they were transfixed by the image of Jesus himself (whose presence I could feel standing at the very location they were observing).  Then this person turned on their heels and walked away, saying not another word.

At any rate, the archons and the reptilians worked together to create a matrix around Earth in the fourth dimension, meaning, out of sight of normal human vision.  Yet, this technology closely interacted with human forms, and was used to harvest human energies.

Many beings of light, many human beings, many people in the military and in government and other agencies, and many celestial and galactic beings have participated together in freeing this world, Earth, from the matrix that has enslaved humanity, to where it is gone, now.  Yes, the fourth dimensional technology has been removed, destroyed, dissolved, departicalized.

This is what has allowed our galactic family to move closer to us.

Clearly our world is still in flux, because the physical control systems are still operating. There is a transition, occurring.  Changing our world takes time.

The darkness and the deeds of just the last century, and the injustices against humanity, have caused the broader human population to wake up into awareness, to touch their spiritual connections, to connect with deep emotions in their hearts, and to raise their consciousness in ways that were not going to be possible, if Atlantis had continued.

The End of the Story for Humanity, and For the Reptilians, and For the Archons

Here’s where I get spiritual on you:  I believe that the Creator, out of mercy for humanity, put into play the actions that caused the destruction of Atlantis, so that in the greater picture, humanity would survive coming into this higher photonic light that our solar system inhabits in the galaxy, now.

Humanity Develops Depth of Heart and Soul Connection

The reptilian influence on humanity was so oppressive, and in concert with the archons so dark, that it created great compression and great pressure upon our hearts and souls, cracking open our human hearts to create diamonds of great and incredible beauty.

The Archons Shift From Feeding Off of Humanity to Feeding Off of the Black Sun

The archons – well, theirs is a longer story – but they were eventually rehabilitated with the great assistance of the celestial realms, and they do experience ascension, as well, eventually.  They do become the light, in an intricate process involving the Black Sun.  When the fourth dimensional matrix fell, the archons were still feeding on humanity.

In a great act of mercy for humanity, the Creator simply cut the entire connection of the archons to the human realm.  At the same time, as the archons were starving for a food source, a Sun was installed into the archonic realm to replace the human energies that the archons could no longer access.

However, because the light would fracture the archons, the sun was covered in darkness, so that the barest pinpoints of light were visible at a nano, nano level. Thus, the archons could feed on the Black Sun as a food source, and slowly be given higher and higher doses of light, until they were ready for their own ascension.

The Reptilians Win the Opportunity to Participate in Ascension

The reptilians?  Their queen finally came to Earth and negotiated a treaty with Saint Germaine.  The reptilians had to give up their slave races, and allow the slave races to participate in ascension, and a long list of other requirements. And, they were required to depart from Earth.

Once the treaty was agreed, the ancient planet Varagasia was destroyed, millennia ago, and at the same time, in the current day, a huge beam of light was transmitted from Earth, through a link with the galactic sun, to the Orion constellation.

As part of the peace treaty, the reptilians agreed to incarnate into Earthly human bodies.  So, as the reptilians were abusing humanity, over millennia, what they did not understand, except at the highest levels and in hindsight, was that they were abusing themselves – as large swaths of the population was now incarnated from reptilian souls.

In this way, the reptilians completed their karma in the act of doing these terrible actions, in a circle of life and of mercy for their own race.

And so it is.