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Hang in there, its been a wild ride, find your gratitude, keep working with your higher self, bring your light through, these certainly are trying times, but it will not break us, we need to keep shining bright, love, healing light and hugs to you.

At our higher level, we see all before us and it is a quagmire of actions that are mostly negative, but we must give credit to those who are attempting to bring stability and purpose into your lives.

There is a cleansing taking place that is proving successful but the size of the task is formidable so it is impossible to accurately predict when it will be near completion, however, progress is being made and success is assured.

It is no mean task to round up the dark Ones who have broken the law and ensure a stop to their activities. The purge will go on until it is safe to introduce beneficial changes that will lift the people up. The plan for your upliftment has already been prepared and simply waiting for the right circumstances to proceed.

Time has not been wasted and much has been prepared in advance so that nothing will be lost because of the delays. Regardless of outer appearances much is in place that can be introduced at short notice. The dark Ones whether they realize it or not are beginning to feel uneasy as the vibrations continue to lift up, and they will be eventually left behind to experience the consequences of their actions.

They know that they are losing the battle with the Light and some are already planning their escape by leaving the Earth. However, they will find their path blocked and eventually they will have to answer for their misdeeds, so be assured that none shall escape justice. Knowing this should give you the satisfaction that justice will prevail.

You might well ask why action could not have been taken before this time but as we have often remarked, there has to be an ideal time when success can be assured. That time has arrived which is why we are absolutely certain of our total success in due course. The tasks ahead are still monumental but we know that success is within our grasp. We have prevented major happenings that could have led to the destruction of Earth and although you may feel that was most unlikely, we can assure you that the dark Ones would have carried out such an abomination rather than accept defeat. The danger is over but there is still much to do to contain their desire to cause havoc upon the Earth.

In the long run you will look back at this period in your history and be thankful that you were able to survive a most difficult time when all life was threatened. Since 2012 you were always destined to overcome those threatening to take over the world and you are now allowed to receive help from the Forces of Light.

That will continue but it is you who have to make all of the first moves, otherwise, we could be seen to be interfering with your freewill. So have no fear about the future as your destiny is assured to lead you to a peaceful and trouble-free life. Do not lose heart as times are still tough on you but certain things have to be dealt with before you can really relax, but it will come. Many changes will take place and may not necessarily seem to be beneficial for you but be assured most are going to quickly move you into a new era that will bring you many advances. We have touched upon them previously and it is apparent that they will propel you into the New Age. The stage will then be set for even better things and in a short time, your lifestyle will be far removed from that which you have now.

The drudgery and time-consuming ways that you accept now will be replaced in such a way that it will free up a lot of time that you can use for your own benefit. Life will become quite different from what you are used to now, and travel will become quite normal with new means of transport that give you more time for yourself. It is all in the making and the sooner mankind progresses from the present mess you are in, the sooner new ways of living can be introduced. Be patient as all will come to you in good time.

What you call the “bad times” will eventually come to an end and be replaced by exciting and very acceptable changes. You have been deliberately held back by the dark Ones whilst they have enjoyed the benefits they kept for themselves. All through history life has been a struggle, yet it has been a means of giving you the experiences you needed to evolve.

You have now done the hard bit and from here on matters will gradually get better as you catch up on lost time. You can hardly imagine what awaits you but you will hear of new inventions and ways of living that far surpass what you are presently used to.

Your future is assured and you are being prepared for a way of life quite different from what you are now used to.

People can speculate as to how things will change but can hardly imagine some of the new innovations and ideas that are being worked upon. Obviously, you are being prompted to follow a certain path that will provide you with the opportunities you seek and you will be helped all of the ways.

Some of you complain wondering what you have done to deserve your present life experiences, but do not forget that you agreed to your life plan before you were birthed upon Earth. All major points in your life have been prearranged and agreed upon by you, so inwardly you know that you have experiences that you needed to further your evolution. After all that is the purpose of your life, to travel a path that takes you back to the higher realms from whence you came.

Do you realize that most souls close to you have probably spent previous lives with you, and sometimes whole families come together in a series of lives but not necessarily in exactly the same relationship. It tells you why some families are so close together and tightly bonded. Obviously, some relationships are simply to create the lessons you need and in reality may not be very pleasant, but will achieve the reason they have taken place.

So consider why you have certain experiences to handle and hopefully you can progress from them. Obviously, some are where you are simply part of the story but not directly involved. It gets quite complicated at times but in the end, it inevitably works out as intended even allowing for freewill.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey

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