The Nazca Lines Renamed To Orion Lines

The Orion Lines

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19-Lineas-de-Nasca-boeckelWhat are the Nazca Lines?  The Nazca Lines were discovered in 1920 and have been puzzling scientist for the past 100 years.  They are hundreds of straight lines that stretch for a hundred miles drawn thousands of years ago across the Nazca desert in Nazca, Peru.  In 1994 a historical society publish The Nazca Lines where I took it upon myself to examine in March of 2018.  I printed out a copy and circled the 3 main points.  A minute later I knew they were the constellation of Orion.  What I didn’t know at the time is that it would take me a year and a week to get the correct configuration of the Orion constellation.  I went through about seven different versions until I found that one that perfectly aligned.  The trick that threw me off was that someone had taken the Nazca Lines and cut the bottom of the lines off to make it difficult to figure out the correct configuration.  Why would someone do this?  Because the big secret has been where “they” come from.  Aliens come from Orion.


What the Orion Lines are, are a 3 dimensional star map, their territory markings, where they come from and what systems are theirs.  The only way to draw these lines is to be behind the Orion constellation, looking through Orion to our sun Sol and then the other 12 constellations behind Sol, Scorpio, Libra and Virgo.  They are territory marking of The Orion Group to ward off other aliens to who’s planet this is, theirs.  They are known as a satanic force who take over star system throughout the galaxy.  Basically, the lines say, “Not Welcome,” “stay away,” or “don’t fuck with us,” “ours.”  It makes sense considering the Egyptian pyramids aligns perfectly to Orion as well as Stonehenge, also Orion.  The lines could have only been drawn by someone with extraordinary technology.  No aborigines would ever say, hey let’s draw Orion in the sand but imagine being behind Orion and looking through to our sun.  The Orion Lines are absolute proof, without a doubt that aliens are real, here and that they come from Orion.

17.pngThis also means that there is a correct orientation of The Milkyway Galaxy.

13.jpgThe truth is they knew it was Orion this whole time.

In 2017 a tv show by the name of Gaia TV presented The Nazca Aliens Mummies.  Two different splices of alien beings, not Human, aliens. DNA test revealed they were 32% Human.  A fruit fly has 98% human DNA, this means for sure they are not human.  But even before the test results came in, I knew they were real by the complexity of their x-rays revealing none other than nature.  Nature made these things not some sculptor.  A week after the release of the mummies in the summer of 2017, I was watching a program on Egypt culture when I realized that “they” were in Egypt depicted siting in King Akhenaten’s lap.  Which meant to me, they are real and they were not only in Nazca but in Egypt as well.


64525543_1328000610699361_1031781037195132928_o.jpgI have shown the imagine to as many people as possible to no avail.  None in the ufo community shared it because they cannot tell the difference between real or fake because this whole time we’ve been lied to.  I have shown Ancient Aliens to the point of them blocking me.  I have shown NASA, The entire US Government, all the very best scientist, all of the major news outlet, journalist, anyone I could think of and nothing.  Not even a hello.  I sent 100,000 tweets all over twitter with only one response, The Bilderberg Group meeting to discuss the “weaponization of social media.”  After that little meeting, they blocked me on twitter and restricted my sharing of information in facebook groups.


When I found out that some of these beings have been eating Human Beings, I realized what they were after was Adrenochrome.  This connected directly to Satanic Human Sacrifice.  Adrenochrome is when adrenalin meets oxygen creating Adrenochrome. They drink it and it gets them higher than any known substance.  This allowed me to solved Stonehenge.  Stonehenge was an Adrenochrome Harvest clock used to worship Orion by the Elite.


The practice never stopped.  This is why they shut me down because The Elite have been secretly worshiping and feeding these beings Humans.  It’s true.  It made me realize that Agenda 21 was real and that the people from Orion were planning on a hostile takeover of the human race and the elite who worship these beings were actually helping them.  This is why I made a suit of armor and blades that will cut through steel.  Why am I not dead yet?  Why am I allowed to tell the truth?


How We Know The Aliens Are At War With Each-other and this is what the “balance” is all about.

Angels and demons are exactly aliens.



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