The Mysterious Man From The Year 2036…Time Traveler?

The mystery of John Titor: 'Time traveller' from year 2036 ...

Sep 13, 2020
COAST TO COAST AM INSIDER Archived Show – Oliver Williams, website editor for, provided background info and an update on the predictions of alleged time traveler, John Titor, as well as took calls from listeners. All that is known about Titor, Williams explained, has been compiled from posts on internet discussions boards dating back to November 2000. According to Williams, Titor claimed to have traveled to our present from the year 2036 — a period scarred by devastation — to find a computer made in 1975 needed to fix something in his time. Through his internet postings, Titor gave detailed descriptions of his time machine, as well as warnings about a impending civil conflict in the United States.

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