The Mysterious Ancient Handbags Hold The Secret Advanced Knowledge Of Lost Civilizations

In case you didn’t know already, strangely and randomly enough handbags are a very reoccurring theme in a lot of ancient artifacts and carvings. Ranging from stone objects, petroglyphs and yes, even the elusive carvings on ancient walls, these handbags seem to be spread all across our history as we know it.

‘Ancient Architects’ channel attempted to explain this weird phenomenon in the video that was actually released recently on YouTube.

These findings range back to 10,000 BC and they’ve been found anywhere from Turkey to Iran, India, Egypt, Central America, and even New Zealand.

Not only location-wise but culture-wise too, these handbags seem to transcend reality being spread across the Maori, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, and even the Olmec’s.

There are a ton of theories that go along with this recent discovery, the most popular is obviously the one about the time travelers.

According to this theory, people that can travel through time have established their own colonies back in ancient times in order to control the future as we know it.

Another theory that’s definitely a possibility is that humanity is caught in a never-ending look in which we evolve to a certain point where we end up attacking each other with nuclear weapons upon which we end up getting reset, and with time we reach the same point yet again, which in this case is represented by the handbags


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