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Dearest Starseeds and Lightworkers,

I want to write about a few things that are broken in the Lightworker community at present. I have broken it down into the following

– Spirituality and Ego
– The Old Soul and Spiritual Work
– Drugs
– Money
– Diet
– Who is going to save us
– How to use discernment

There will be triggers in this post but I offer nothing that has not come from compassion and understanding for all souls who are on earth at this moment in time working out of the limited box called being human which comes with the difficult limitations in which living in a corporeal body in a transitioning consciousness delivers us each day.

There are subjects that are not being addressed in the spiritual community because there are those too afraid to even discuss these issues because they know that all the so-called lightworkers will come out of the woodwork and shoot them down in flames before they have even uttered a word. That is not a community where love and compassion rule. That is a community that is keeping up and coming spiritual people locked in a dark room because they are afraid of persecution from the very people they are looking up to. Most people don’t want to address these issues for those reasons.

I’m going to address them all,

1. Spirituality and Ego
One is 5D and above, the other is 3D. I see a lot of spiritual people and lightworkers in the community who are getting a flavor of spirituality and ascension and deciding that they have become more important than those awakening or unawakened and in turn must demonize, use criticism without solution, and judge those not working from what they feel should be the correct timeline or application of spiritual practices that they use. One shoe size does not fit all. We all come in different sizes and shapes this will affect our path in turn.

The ego has no place in spirituality and each soul’s deliverance into his or her ascension timeline is completely unique to them and serves its own purpose for Gaia at this moment in time. Only the universe and creator can judge souls. That is it. So bad has this become as of late that even the Arcturians and Pleiadians are now channeling about the new brigade of ego lightworkers and the disharmony they spread with their projection of negative emotions onto others. Those that judge have not done their own shadow work and project their own internal issues onto others.

The masters who walked the earth did not go round pointing fingers and judging everyone. It never happened. They led with love, compassion, and by example. Before you peg another lightworker down for any reason, return back to yourself and double-check that there is not more self-work that you should not be carrying out today. There will be.

2. The Old Soul and Spiritual Work
We have now entered as of late a new era whereby the lightworker is becoming increasingly shy of doing the work needed at this present time. WHY you ask? I notice on my personal page the posts I share that are all love and light and everything will be handed to you are the most revered and shared.
The posts that I channel from the Arcturians that express that work is needed are the more disregarded and least shared. I see this on youtube and also on other pages.

Why is that you might ask? There is a very good reason for this and it is completely understandable. In an old energy ( and in previous lifetimes ) no matter what the old soul did, the energy pushed back onto you and it was hard to achieve anything. Following that, if you spoke up too soon or too much, you were in fear of being hung, murdered, or even burnt alive for showing your abilities.

Built-up in the Akashic DNA in many souls, is a record of persecution and constant battle. This is partly why souls who are becoming spiritual, keep judging others because they are replying out what is conceptuality coming up for dismissal and healing, but because the shadow work has not been done, it is then inflicted on those around them.

So you could say that in that respect it is not their fault. In Much the same way people keep leaning toward abusive relationships because they have done it for lifetimes. They can’t help it on some level. That is why the work must be done now.

Lightworkers don’t want to do the brunt of the hard discipline of spiritual work and shy away from it because somewhere deep in their soul they say to themselves, WHAT’S THE POINT! I did it over and over and over and there were no results. This is even prevalent in this lifetime for some who have had two feet in both energies.

I ask you dear lightworkers to heal the past and forget it now. The butterfly doesn’t look back at the caterpillar with depression and resentment, it looks back with a feeling of accomplishment that you went from a dark energy into the light. You went from crawling to flying even tho so many of you can’t see that yet. You will. The way the energies are aligned is that the wind is now in your sails for the first time!! Just take a leap of faith.

3. Drugs
I work with an X special forces person. A man in his early 50s who has killed many people ( in war and during missions ) who suffered badly from all of the death and war he has encountered and uses cocaine to help himself remove the pain. Sometimes in large amounts. He desperately wants to be spiritual and have spiritual advice and came to me saying, “Alex, you seemed to be the only completely non-judgmental spiritual person I have found and I’m desperate for help”

He explained to me that he had turned to 2 other teachers in the field and was turned away because “They don’t work with drug addicts” again Judgement resolves NOTHING. Are you seeing a pattern here?
How many starseeds are there out there that mask the pain of being on earth with drugs? A lot is the answer.

I have done some wonderful work with him and we are making small steps and it almost brings a tear to my eye watching the wonderful little steps we are going through together. Others would have just seen him as looser because they would never take the time to understand his individual soul journey because they were far too “spiritual” for that. My Cousin is another example of this. She is a crystal child ( although she doesn’t know it yet ) and she smokes a lot of weed and is up to no good on the weekends and doing things that teenagers do. She is actually far more psychic and telepathic than I am! Appearances are not what they seem in a new energy. Again, judgment, suspicion, and a closed heart blinds your field of vision and I will come onto that at the end.

4. Money
Money does not have a consciousness. Therefore it cannot be evil. It is an inanimate object that is either paper or numbers in a digital system. Crystals have the ability to be more evil than money as they can hold programmable consciousness ( to put things into perspective ) Money has been used, gained, and collected in evil ways in an old energy but It is also what facilities opening healing centers and paying for treatments that help people around the world with terminal illnesses and facilitates to add value to someone’s time and energy. When spiritual people say that ( qualified and experienced ) metaphysical people should give away all their time for nothing, they are also indicating that all that person’s experience and hard work are valued at nothing equalling to their help being worthless. If this is the case, then why seek help from someone who has nothing to offer because their time is worthless? What is the result of this? All the experienced spiritual people charge and work under a cloak of secrecy these days. It’s ridiculous.

Whilst money does not exist in other star systems, we are still waiting for GESARA and quantum monetary systems to come into play. The banks and financial systems which are 3D have us all with our hands tied behind our backs. This puts anyone that wants a roof over their head, food on the table and a hot shower boxed into a corner because for the foreseeable future unless you go to another star system, you will still have to face these issues including credit scores and other issues that will stop you buying homes for example or other larger purchase items.

I have witnessed so many spiritual people bypass money for a lifetime with the result that they are retirement age and on the verge of being homeless. Work WITH the energy of money not against it whilst we are still forced to use it. Continued resistance will only make your life harder until we are out of the energy of money. at this moment in time, the 9-5 office job is considered normal, but what is normal? In 500 years’ time spiritual services ( authentic ones ) will be considered as important as banking. We are not there yet so cherish the ones doing it now. There are not enough of them on the planet this moment in time. None of them can turn one bread into 1000 loaves like Jesus did. We still have to make it or buy the ingredients to bake it.

5. Diet
Again this is linked to more judgment. As the body naturally ascends it will want less dense foods depending on if it’s the right time for that person. Listen to the body first because only it truly knows what it needs and the timing in which it needs it. As the energies go up and up people will be dropping all kinds of things, but let them do it on their own time.

Spiritual people forget that they are not living in someone else’s body. So how could they understand their blood type, Akashic diet, and the diet they have eaten every lifetime that is playing out again in this incarnation, their DNA, their vibration level and medical and nutritional needs including their deficiencies. Assuming that everyone can suddenly go vegan or vegetarian overnight is naive. I tried it and I became very ill and anemic. I currently sit at a happy medium that works for my body type which is the Mediterranean / pescatarian diet (Fish and Vegetables)

I now take iron B6 and B12 to make up for the last 30 years of red meat that my body is still reliant on after giving it up 5 years ago otherwise I get iron and other issues as does my Girl Friend who has been vegi her entire life. Some blood types are not able to manage it yet, but they will do in time as more DNA upgrades come. So give it and give them time.

Some women will be expected to go BACK onto red meat or take these supplements if they become pregnant as this is how the human corporeal body has existed in its current format for 1000s of years. You simply cannot change this over night because you have had a spiritual moment as expect every soul on earth to simply follow suit to fit the ideals of love and light. It will take Generations of lightworkers to slowly breed out eating meat. Just as it will take generations for ascension to happen. This is not a race. You will be here to see it all happen but you will be in another body / bodies. right now, focus on what you do have. It will help carry you over more smoothly into the next.

6. Who is going to save us?
No one is going to save us. Not the ETs not the Angelics, and not our governments. In an old 3D energy we were reliant on the system. It kept us dependent and submissive and controlled. When you are turning to someone else to save you, you are turning away from yourself. Starseeds came to earth at this time to make the changes.

WE are the ones making the changes. No one will do it for us because then they will be part of our timelines and the karmic and energetic attachments that are created in that otherwise. It is us the starseeds that came here to do the work. Look in the mirror. You are what you have been looking for. Stop looking for the next message ( including my channeled messages ) for help. We need to put the work in now and stop being shy about it. Start moving some energies because it’s going to need action AND intention.

7. How to use discernment?
Here’s how NOT to use discernment. Approaching something with suspicion, judgement, a closed heart, resentment, anger, or any other low vibratory energy that will shut down every part of your spirituality and your multidimensional talents before you have even begun.

In an old energy, discernment came from the head. In the current energy, it comes from the heart, so if you have shut down your heart with negative emotional approaches before you have arrived, then you will struggle to interpret energies. Also bearing in mind, not all energies are evil or bad. Some might not resonate with your truth, but that does not make them evil or bad necessarily. Everything is balanced in the universe and duality is still a big play in all levels of dimensionality. 100% pure love and light do exist, but on earth, at this moment in time it is a falsehood and we are on Gaia to learn from duality. It’s why we came here. to learn lessons. If there was nothing to learn we would not have come here at this moment in time to Gaia’s great classroom. One of the hardest anywhere!

With all of this in mind, it is exceptionally difficult being human. There are so many pitfalls and traps along the way. That is why if you really do want a 5D world you MUST expel judgement and criticism of others. Gaia will be slowed down by these limiting emotional states greatly. They do not exist in 5D. Only Solutions and compassion engage in 5D.

I greatly love you all, But if you join an FB group called, love and light in the new 5D world and then call out everyone around you and judge, then you’re better off quitting now and staying close to the unawakened people who are drowning in fear because emotionally there is not much separating you from them when you use these negative energies.

Yours as always,
Much Love,
Alexander Quinn -Arcturian Channeler

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Love and Regards,

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