The Lost City of Giants Was Discovered In The Jungle of Ecuador

The Lost City of Giants Was Discovered In The Jungle of Ecuador

The Amazon jungle is supposed to be the home of a race of giant humans that the Aboriginals have been praying to for as long as they can remember.

There are thousands of stories documenting the life of these creatures and how they impacted the world as we know it.

In order to prove or disprove these statements, a group of investigators and researchers traveled all the way to Ecuador.

They asked a couple of Aboriginals to help them out and so they were guided to a secret place that no one but them knew of. In this place, the Aboriginals performed strange rituals to appease the souls of the giants.

During their research there they stumbled upon a massive megalithic structure that was made out of huge boulders that each weighed in at around two tones.

Not only that, but the surface of each and every boulder was as smooth and flat as you could possibly get it which is why the experts instantly assumed that it was a ceremonial tool for the Aboriginals.

This also worked in their favor, as moving two tones is no easy feat when you have no knowledge of machinery or technology altogether.

Even more interesting is the fact that the structure was clearly made with the use of a huge variety of utensils and tools which are just not a part of their arsenal anymore.

The leader of the research team, Bruce Fenton, confirmed that these tools are definite proof of the existence of giants altogether.


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