The Lost Book of the ‘Wars of the Lord’ is FOUND!… Complete Story EVER Told!

One of the non-canonical books referenced in the Bible which has now been completely lost; has been found. At least two parts of the book have come forward within a collection of secret documents held by the medieval Knights Templar and their ideological descendants. The unpublished material we will share and discuss for the first time since its discovery, will delve into explosively controversial topics organizations like the Roman Catholic Church would literally kill to keep hidden. Topics like the ancient belief in a dual-gendered nature of God and what can only be interpreted as people from another realm interacting with humans. These documents make it clear the “Lord” had a feminine consort on an equal plane and She was called “Wisdom.” They also contain passages about events that involve beings that are not of this earth, their concern for the sacred book and secrets it contains.



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