The Length in which They Went To Cover Up the Second UFO Crash was Unbelievable!

COAST TO COAST AM – GAIA Exclusive Neuvo Series. Season 1, Episode 7 Jaime Maussán explores the government deviations that sought to cover up the famous Roswell UFO event. This great strategy of concealment managed to hide the facts from the public, that extraterrestrial beings of a second ship were found. Unfortunately, most of the witnesses remained silent for decades for fear of repercussions, if they talked about it. Before he passed away, Walter Haut wrote a letter with his testimony about the government’s maneuvers around this case, where the ship was hidden, and the beings he saw.



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1 thought on “The Length in which They Went To Cover Up the Second UFO Crash was Unbelievable!”

  1. Hello! Thank you for including in your post the possiblity of a second ship from the famous Roswell UFO crash.I became interested myself from the movie that was based on the Roswell incident.For all we know the occupants were time travelers from our future which would make the cover story reasonable to put out to the general public and who would believe it anyway.


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