The Knowles Family UFO Incident


On the 20th of January 1988 the Knowles family had an extraordinary UFO experience. The mother, the three adults sons and two family dogs were traveling by car from Perth to Melbourne; a distance of about 3,500 kilometers.

As they were all adults driving was done in turns while the rest of the family would be resting. At around 4 am, son Sean was driving through the Nullarbor Plain, a natural park in the southern part of Australia. While driving between the towns of Madura and Mudrabilla a bright light caught their attention. The bright light was just above the road some at some distance in front of them. Their immediate thought was that they were seeing the lights of a truck.

As they continued to observe the light would move, disappear and reappear in a way that did not resemble a vehicle. They kept driving towards the it; the light appeared larger as they approached it. Sean accelerated to get a closer look. When they reached close enough, the light disappeared and immediately appeared behind them. Sean panicked and continued to drive as fast as he could. Now the light seemed to be the one doing the following. Suddenly, the light appeared in front of them again at a distance of about 20 meters. From this short distance they could observe the objects color and shape. It was an oval shaped object with a diameter of about a meter with a yellow light emanating  from its center.

The driver tried to overtake and escape from the object and almost got in to an accident with a car coming from the opposite direction. The family heard a thump on the cars roof as something had landed on the car. While still moving the mother lowered her window and placed her arm on the car’s roof trying to feel what was on top. The mother was able to touch the object which felt hot, spongy and elastic. Letting go of the object she noticed that her hand was covered in some kind of black powder. While the car window was down a dark cloud entered the car’s interior producing a foul smell. The smell was followed by a high pitch sound. The dogs barked like crazy and the family started to feel disorientated. Their voices sounded distorted and they seemed to speak slower. Everything seemed to be in slow motion  as if time had slowed down. It felt like the car was floating. The object had picked up the car from the ground.. After a few seconds the car was dropped back on the road. The impact punctured one of the car’s tires. The car was out of control but Sean managed to stop the car. The family ran out and hid behind some bushes. From there they observed the UFO moving over the abandoned car for about 15 minutes and then disappeared.

Once they felt confident that the light would not appear again the family changed the tire and drove to the nearby town of Mudrabilla to find a place to stay and recover from the experience. At the hotel, they started talking to a truck driver. The truck driver confirmed that he had also seen a strange light from his rear view mirror. A couple of bystanders also confirmed to have seen a light hovering over the same road.

The family reported the story to the local police. The police noticed the dents on the car’s roof; the overlaying black powder and a sulphur like smell in the car’s interior. The police even confirmed the cars skid marks on the road. The black powder was examined by a number of researchers. Some noted that the powder had a high concentration of potassium.

While investigating the incident, the police discovered that fishermen at a distance of about 80 kilometers from the incident had witnessed a similar oval-shaped UFO at sea. The fishermen also reported the sensation of being is slow motion.

The family had nothing to gain by making up this story. Furthermore the damage on the car matched their story and a number of witnesses confirmed the presence of an unidentified oval light in the area.

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1 thought on “The Knowles Family UFO Incident”

  1. What a great story but sadly for us it was not an Alien encounter but was in fact a bizarre attempt by a paramilitary force operating in Australia trying to murder a private military intelligence investigator. The craft was a helicopter and it was hovering just above the road with just one landing light on. The plan was to wait until the car approached at 100km/hr and when the car was near them the helicopter crew switched on the powerful searchlight to night blind the driver in order to force the car off the road and crash. It was difficult to make out the helicopter because it was kicking up dry desert dust and the glare of the searchlight did temporarily blind the family. The driver swerved around the light on the opposite side of the road and the family see a split second glance of the helicopter which to them ‘looked like’ an old station wagon with something hovering over it, that was to chopper. The chopper crew turn the craft around to chase the fleeing vehicle and fly past the car and Sean Knowles turns the car around and takes off in this opposite direction. The chopper turns around and chases after them. Now this is the bizarre bit so you must bare with me to understand. This paramilitary force in the helicopter had an electromagnet attached to a long steel cable which the group used in its normal operations to retrieve vehicles out of ravines that had crashed off the road. The chopper crew decided a risky manoeuvre to attach the electromagnet onto the roof of the speeding car and hoist it off the road and then dump the car in the ocean 50 kms away. The family hear the metallic thump on the roof as the magnet is attached and feel a heavy weight pushing to car down. The static electricity from the DC magnet makes their hair stand on end and the high voltage starts to melt the cars wiring making a terrible plastic smell. Mrs Knowles opens her window, reaches onto the roof and touches a soft rubber insulator surrounding the magnet and she said it felt like a suction pad. Her arm is burnt by hot exhaust fumes from the engines down drafted onto the car by the rotor blades and she later needed medical treatment for those burns. The car is lifted and swings violently from side to side making it impossible for the chopper to maintain lift and it loses altitude. The car while still attached crash’s onto the road blowing a tyre and is now dragging and bouncing along the road under to craft. The driver slams on the brakes and this action brings the car to a halt and nearly drives the helicopter nose first into the ground. The family jump out of the car and watch the out of control chopper going tail first into the ground. It was hard to identify to helicopter because it was almost on its tail, shining the searchlight in the families faces and blasting them with dry desert dust, soot and fumes from the engines and a strange chemical compound. Mrs Knowles drew a sketch of the craft and some say it looked like an egg in an egg cup. This is of course what a helicopter from underneath does look like. Never in the history of helicopter aviation has anybody been under a tethered chopper while it’s engines were running flat out. It made a terrible load noise and the family say that their hearing was distorted and ringing for the next 15 minutes. I suppose that is why they didn’t recognise the tell tale noise a helicopter would make. The chopper crew do gain control but a truck is now approaching the scene so the crew break off the attack and fly away and watch. The family race back to the car and fix the tyre and hail the truck to stop by it keeps going. The family jump back in the car and chase the truck and the helicopter returns to finish off the mission. The car driver is now swerving all over the road at high speed to outmanoeuvre the crew and stop them re attaching the magnet. The family pass the truck and that was the end of that. So Any Questions, I would be happy to answer anything you just don’t get OR you can look at my Facebook page William Buckley 14268 and read my report and all the articles I have collected to come to my conclusion. This is the Greatest Story Never Told by the corrupt media because the people behind this attack are the most powerful in Australia and if their involved can be shown to the Australian public we would have to build a five star concentration camp to put them all in for this crimes and the crimes that they were going to commit to seize control our our nation.


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