The Forces Of Light Ensure Victory

Dear ones,

We come to you today bearing good news! Our frequency data transmissions have raised Gaia’s vibration and amplified her Light. There’s no turning back now-the forces of Light are working in unison to ensure victory.

Necessary steps have been taken on your planet to bring it in a more harmonious direction. A few more steps have to be followed before you get ready to ascend with Gaia to the fifth dimension.

Know that you are not alone in this transformation process, but are going on a journey with many of your brothers and sisters from other star systems. Some of them you know through past incarnations on Earth as well as on other planets.

Earth is evolving into the fifth dimension and humankind is being pushed to evolve also. The fifth dimension has already begun on your planet, as many people have been experiencing and witnessing it, more so in the last year than ever before.

We have been working tirelessly to clear the way for the full awakening of humanity, and to contribute to our collective understanding of what awakening really means.

An unprecedented time of awakening is upon you.

The planet has reached an apex of energy that is shifting the consciousness pattern of humanity. These shifts are tearing down the old paradigm and creating a space for a new one – a more positive, loving, and peaceful reality.

We feel immense Love for you, and if you could bring yourselves to feel this as well, there would be no cause for any of the suffering you have been enduring.

Our ascension process will be coordinated with you. You must be in line with our energy field. Not all people can handle this energy, especially those who are not aware of it. There will be some strategies to follow at different levels of your daily life.

So, anytime you have some free time, just relax. Allow your body, mind, and emotions to be free.

Because many people lack control over their body, mind, and heart, they are unaware of what they are doing, thinking, and feeling. These things are unfolding on their own, and they have no influence over them. They’re in the dark. It will cause them to drift away from the ascension process’ light.

So all you have to do now is relax and keep an eye on these things: Just Watch your body. What exactly is it doing? Watch your body’s movements. Keep an observer’s eye on any tension or pain in certain parts of the body. Don’t get involved. Just watch. Then you’ll be surprised to discover that your pain has disappeared. The tension is no longer present.

Watch your thoughts. Keep an eye on what you’re thinking and how you’re feeling right now. When you pay close attention to them, you’ll see that their activities gradually slow down and lose their intensity. Then you’ll feel a profound sense of calm flow over you. You’re heading towards your inner core. You’re adjusting your frequency to that of the fifth dimension.

Only then can you understand what relaxing really means. You’ll find yourself in a really calm state of mind.

We are not suggesting that you relax for 24 hours. It isn’t needed. You may go about your regular routine. However, perform this relaxing mindfulness procedure for one hour each day while being fully awake.

The terms “relaxation” and “laziness” are not equivalent. Actually, a lazy person is not a relaxed person. Despite the fact that he/she is not physically active, his mind continues to produce more and more thoughts than a person who is actively engaged in activities.

You can carry this awareness with you for 24 hours if you practice for only one hour each day. You’ll be more active, creative, and loving as a result. Because you are no longer divided, you will not make any errors in your actions. Everything you do stems from your core as a whole.

For some people, it will be tough at first. It’s due to their previous conditioning. You will achieve balance, rhythm, and harmony if you practice for a few days.

Once you get connected with the harmony of the universe, you will be filled with it. Then, wherever you go, the grace that has filled you will radiate and people will recognize that.

Now you’ve done it. We can guarantee you that your Higher Self has guided you to this important step. You have evolved and emerged into a new reality, beginning your journey through the new frontier that is the birthing of the fifth dimension!

We love you dearly.
We are your family of light.

Aurora Ray
Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Art by Aurora Ray




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