The Federation of Light channeled by Caroline Crawford. HIGHER FREQUENCIES OF PEACE ARE ALL YOU NEED

The Federation of Light channel wisdom, guidance and inspirational messages with Caroline that she now feels compelled to share with the world, to bring about a greater understanding. May this channeling instill within you a deep sense of PEACE and you feel the loving energies from the Federation of Light. These benevolent extraterrestrial Beings of Light come to assist humanity and lead us towards greater light and a deeper understanding of our Divine True Nature. They have great respect, compassion and integrity; and always encourage you to make your choices from your own free will that will lead you live in greater harmony with the universe. Caroline Crawford is a spiritual Intuitive, Healer, medium and channeler. She has been a teacher of meditation, yoga and self empowerment for over 3 decades, as well as a Reiki master and teacher of healing. She loves sharing teachings and writes blogs you can read by visiting her website, covering spirituality and personal growth, in a refreshing and easy manner. For all information please visit her website. Here you will also find details of the work Caroline and her husband Paul offer together with the Timeless Teachings, channeled with their non-physical teams of Loving, Wise, Light Beings. for over 30 years.





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