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Benefit Of Drinking Water With Crystals

Water has memory and vibration, therefore taking the water charged with the radiation of the crystals will undoubtedly cause a positive transformation in our physical, mental and spiritual body.

By drinking energized water with crystals for a sustained time (minimum 3 weeks) you will begin to feel harmony in your body, you will have fewer situations that affect your health and you will stay in an increasingly prolonged state of vibrational healing.



-A glass properly washed and if you want previously energized

-A glass container can be a jug or bottle with drinking water


-In the jug or glass bottle with water, put the glass and cover.

-Leave the water to charge overnight. It is advisable to put it in a place where sunlight or moonlight hits it

– It is recommended to drink the water throughout the day for 21 consecutive days, you can say a prayer of transmutation, healing, love or gratitude or simply the healing words of Ho’oponopono: “I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you” ( 3 times in a row when drinking your glass of water)

– Every time the jug or bottle of water is emptied, repeat the same procedure

DON’T FORGET To drink the water daily so that it blesses you and benefits you with its healing qualities.

• Its vibration balances both cerebral hemispheres.

• Strengthens the immune system.

• Raises the level of consciousness and helps define the mission of life, by providing objectivity in both material and spiritual concerns.

• Exerts a beneficial protective influence.

• Its vibration is related to the energy of liberation, transmutation and healing of physical and energetic imbalances.

• Provides, on a mental level, valuable help when making decisions and determinations.

• Strengthens self-esteem and helps to face one’s own limits and fears.

• It can be applied on the body of a patient who is being treated with Reiki or another technique of laying on of hands. It can also be used in baths for children, the elderly and the sick. Even animals and plants

• Combat both physical and mental stress, providing clarity by holistically balancing mind, body and feelings.

• It is an excellent healing tool to regain vitality after illness and / or surgery.

• Undo energetic knots that may be on the auric lattice.

• Brings peace, stability and tranquility to character.

• It helps a lot in cases of dependency and addictions (gambling, smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.).

• Provides strength and security to character, personality and temperament.

• Taken as an elixir, it helps us to renew the energy of our body since internally, its properties are integrated at the cellular level.

• It is very effective in releasing guilt feelings.


AMETHYST: It will help you keep your mood in order, combat depression, irritability and moods of doubts. Combat processes of sentimental pain, failures, sadness, attachments, grief. On a physical level, it helps you release fats, toxins and imbalances. hormonal As it is also recommended for people who suffer from insomnia or headaches.

CRYSTAL QUARTZ: It will help you to see clearly the truths of life. Water with crystal quartz detoxifies your body and mind from toxic people, places and energies. It is excellent purifying and digestive, it decongests the entire organism at a vibrational level. Crystal quartz It helps to cleanse the stomach, colon and intestines of the waste of poor diet. Its vibration will keep you sentimentally clear, without doubts and willing to make decisions.

TURQUOISE: It will help you balance hormonal imbalances, problems with the throat, vocal cords, thyroid, parathyroid, tonsils. Turquoise will give you vibrational level peace, connection, serenity and will connect you with good communication and creativity. It is an excellent elixir for people who shut up their feelings and look for a way to drain them.

CITRINE QUARTZ: It will help you balance your power center, chakra 3. It is excellent for insecure people, who are very hesitant in making decisions and are anxious. On a physical level it cleanses and relaxes the digestive system. One of the benefits of drinking water energized with citrine quartz is that you will feel more cheerful, optimistic and confident. If your spirits and self-esteem are low, citrine quartz will help you raise them.


1. Pre-cognitive dreams

They are those dreams in which we seem to anticipate the future. We see a situation that later happens or we receive news that is later confirmed in the vigil.

Many people experience So these dreams are very dramatic, since most of the time the information comes in the form of a nightmare, with high emotional impact. Coincidence? Premonition? Information that arrives telepathically?

2. Visiting dreams

They are dreams in which we see or interact with people already deceased. These “encounters” are usually surrounded by a feeling of peace, as if that person had come to tell us that she is okay.

Unlike the previous category, people who experience these types of dreams usually wake up with a sense of relief and a revelation of a deep certainty of life after death.

3. Lucid dreams

In these dreams we realize that we are dreaming. In the manner of the movie “Inception” (Origin), we are aware that our body is in bed while we visualize and experience scenes. Sometimes we can even change some aspects of the dream at will.

Lucid dreaming is a natural ability that we all possess. In ancient times, they were used for healing. It is possible to train ourselves to experience lucid dreams and thus use them to make changes in our attitudes or discover solutions to our problems.

4. Shared dreams

In these dreams, two people dream the same thing or similar aspects appear in the dreams of both, for example details of the place or the events of the dream.

They are rare, but they do occur. You have to be vigilant. To discover that we have had one of these it is necessary that we adopt the habit of telling our dreams to the people who appear in them. It is surprising to come across these cases because they show us how much connection we have with others, beyond distances.

5. Nested dreams

Sometimes we dream that we wake up, even that we wake up, but suddenly, we realize that it is a dream, and we really wake up. This is called “false awakening” and sometimes several occur in the same night.

If instead of waking up you dream again, then you have experienced a nested dream. A dream within the dream. It is as if our mind were cheating, pretending that we have already gotten up, to continue sleeping “a little more”.

6. Prodromal sleep

In these dreams, the person receives information about a disease that she is suffering from but from which she has not manifested symptoms.

The body, with great wisdom, sends signals; but sometimes, in the madness of life today, we are not so vigilant as to detect them. Then the information leaks into the dream world. Many people have discovered a disease in this way and there are several very serious investigations in this regard, since through these types of dreams it would be possible to quickly detect those that require early treatment.

7. Numinous dream

They are dreams where we contact spiritual figures, guides or beings of light. The person who dreams receives comfort, messages or even concrete guidance for everyday life.

It is immediately perceived that these are not “ordinary” dreams but that there is a special energy in them. It is worthwhile, after one of these dreams, to meditate on the message received. Many times great revelations happen in them.

8. “Eureka” dreams

They are dreams where the solution to a problem is discovered. The famous dream of the scientist Von Kekulé, through which he solved a chemistry problem that was driving him crazy, is a classic of the researchers on this subject.

He was not the only one. The creator of the helicopter, the creator of the sewing machine and hundreds of inventors and artists (including John Lennon, with his song “Imagine”), claim to have brought his best creations from a dream.

Dreams are not only the nocturnal machinations of our subconscious. They also constitute a huge field of information and experience that allows us to explore reality, transform ourselves, and even heal.

Start valuing your dreams. Each one keeps a wonderful treasure of GROWTH, and they are the link of the Universe with you.

Arturo Bentacur Arango

Artist: @autumnskyeart






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