Stay overnight in a flying saucer pod complete with its own laser display!

The one-of-a-kind spaceship in Pembrokeshire is in the shape of a flying saucer

A UFO pod which you can stay in
You can stay in this UFO pod in West Wales overnight

You can stay in a flying saucer shaped pod complete with its own crater hole and night time laser display for an out of this world experience.

The spaceship styled accommodation is located in Redberth less than five miles from Tenby and can be found on a small campsite alongside a jet, an airbus, a Pacman dome and various yurts and tents.

Held up by stilts, the entrance door drops down from its hinges via remote control to reveal steps in the style of a classic spaceship.

At night the outside of the Apple Camping craft is lit up by lasers with a smoke machine available on request to give a full lunar landing experience.

A UFO accommodation pod lit up by lasers surrounded by smoke
The smoke machine and lasers create a lunar landing show

There is also a monitor for gaming, with classic 80s games like Space Invaders and Defender.

If you want to make sure the interior is out of this world, it features eight windows which offer a 360 degree view of the outside, a double bed and two singles, a kitchen area with hobs, a sink, a kettle, a toaster and a fridge.

All the furniture continues the futuristic theme, exactly as you would imagine inside a real UFO as a dome on top offers a perfect opportunity for stargazing.

On the Apple Camping Instagram account, one post says the campsite allows “friends and loved ones to escape from the lunacy of our silly silly planet.”

The inside of a UFO pod accommodation
The futuristic interior of the UFO pod

The UFO, along with the other accommodations on the campsite, was built from recycled materials with the shells of the jet and airbus also saved from the scrap heap.

Speaking in a YouTube video for Going Green, owner Toby Rhys Davis said the location originated as a cow field but he realized people wanted the weird and wacky, so created glamping opportunities like no other.




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