The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the United Nations!

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 86

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The fact that astronauts observe UFOs during their flights has long been known. The first American astronaut John Glenn, who made three orbits around the Earth on February 20, 1962 on “Mercury-6”, reported that during the flight, three bright objects followed his ship. After a while, they picked up speed and overtook him.

In April 1962, during his record-breaking flight in the X-15 high-altitude aircraft, Joe Walker filmed five disc-shaped UFOs that had accompanied him in staggered formation for a long time at an altitude of 47 kilometers.

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 87

Three months later, a similar rocket plane, piloted by Robert White, again attracted the attention of unknown objects. At an altitude of 95 kilometers, they flew up to the X-15 and accompanied him for some time. The future astronaut (in June 1965, White was the first American to go into outer space) recorded the “aliens” on tape.

The interest of ordinary people in flying grew, and soon a whole army of radio amateurs, tuned in to the wave of this or that spacecraft, eagerly caught every word that sounded on the air.

In order to avoid unnecessary problems, the Mission Control Center in Houston had to switch to “bird language” during negotiations with the astronauts. In particular, unidentified flying objects that were observed from orbit were codenamed “Santa Claus”.

The first to use it during a communication session was the astronaut Walter Schirra (“Mercury-8”, October 3, 1962), who saw a huge luminous object over the Indian Ocean.

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 88

A few years later this fact was reported by the well-known NASA specialist in space radio communications, one of the creators of the communication equipment for the Apollo lunar program, Maurice Chatelain. In his book, ‘Our Ancestors Came from Outer Space‘, published in 1975 shortly after the end of the “lunar” program, he admitted that unidentified flying objects controlled virtually all American space flights. As for the origin of UFOs, Chatelain is sure: extraterrestrial.

On May 15-16, 1963, the American astronaut Gordon Cooper made twenty-two revolutions around the Earth on the one-seater Mercury-9 spacecraft. Flying over the Australian city of Perth, he reported to Earth that for some time a greenish-glowing object with a red “tail” was approaching his capsule.

In addition, Cooper was able to record radio communications on a tape recorder in a language that, as it turned out later, did not belong to any of the peoples of the Earth.

The astronaut also recorded other mysterious phenomena over South America and Australia. “NASA scientists” timidly tried to explain Cooper’s observations as the “southern polar lights.” But soon these “explanations” had to be abandoned: it was tantamount to accusing the most experienced pilot of amateurism and professional unsuitability. In addition, the object he sighted over Australia was also observed by ground tracking stations.

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 89

Besides, Colonel Cooper was not the first to observe such phenomena. He saw the “saucers” with his own eyes even earlier, during his flights over West Germany:

“I had the opportunity in 1951 to see many of these objects for two days in a row … They were at a very high altitude, and on our fighters we they couldn’t get them. “

Years later, in an interview with NONSIAMOSOLI-Video, Cooper said:

“In 1957, at Edwards Air Force Base, we were doing landing work, filming all equipment and surroundings. All of a sudden, the team members come running to me and say that they saw a low-flying saucer, which then landed, having exposed three supports from the apparatus. She was filmed with a film and camera, but they did not try to get close to her. Meanwhile, the UFO rose again and flew away at great speed.”

As the head of the work, Cooper, immediately after development, reviewed the recorded tapes and photographs and sent them to Washington. He never heard of them again.

The testimonies of astronauts and NASA specialists about the mysterious “visitors” are confirmed by independent sources. So, in 1964, astronomers of the Argentine observatory “Adhara” observed with great interest a strange picture through a telescope: at an altitude of 1000 kilometers from the Earth to the American satellite “Echo-2” from different sides, a sparkling round object flew up twice and made turns. According to astronomers, it was at least 120 meters in diameter and developed a speed of up to 28 km / sec.

On April 8 of the same year, 1964, during the first test launch of the Gemini spacecraft (without a crew), scientists and technicians were surprised to see four objects of unknown origin soon attached to it: two on top, one behind and one below. Escorting the ship in this way on the first orbit, the UFO made a maneuver and disappeared into space.

When this fact was made public by the American magazine ‘True‘ (January 1965), members of Congress demanded clarification. Without further ado, the Air Force command declared these objects to be parts of the second stage of the launch vehicle. The trick did not help: almost immediately it became clear that the second stage in this flight did not separate at all.

On June 3, 1965, the first manned Gemini 4 was launched. And again, unidentified objects came into the field of view of the crew.

“I looked out the porthole and saw a white ball-shaped object against the black sky. He performed the movement, abruptly changing the direction of flight at an angle of 40 degrees.”

Astronaut James McDewitt

During this flight, we managed to photograph another object – a long “metal” cylinder. An attempt was made to identify it with the Pegasus-2 satellite but the air defense command categorically rejected this version, and the UFO was left without a “natural” explanation.

Then the skeptics decided to challenge the very fact of observation. McDewitt’s response was rather harsh:

“I report that during my flight in the Gemini 4 spacecraft, I did see what some people call UFOs. Let me remind you that the letters H, L, O mean “unidentified flying object.” The object that I saw remains unidentified … Neither I, nor anyone else could yet identify and define what it is. “

Later it became known that almost all flights under the Gemini program were accompanied by UFO sightings and not only from orbit, but also from the Earth.

Some of the pilots will later express their views on this phenomenon. John Young (Gemini 10, July 18, 1966) in his Seattle talk: “The facts show that UFOs exist.” Eugene Cernan (Gemini 9, June 3, 1966) in 1973 in the Los Angeles Times: “I publicly declare: UFO is someone else, some other civilization.”

With the completion of the Gemini programs and lunar expeditions, such observations did not decrease. The UFOs were filmed by the Skylab crews (1973). A large number of video recordings were made during the shuttle flight (since 1981). Some of them were intercepted by radio amateurs and thus made it to the media.

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 90

Involuntarily, there is a sense of belonging when you hear the excited voice of the on-board doctor of Discovery James Boochley. Shocked, he completely forgot about the conspiracy:

“Houston! We’re still seeing alien spacecraft! ” (March 14, 1989)

The number of luminous objects falling into the field of view of on-board film and video cameras is striking. Sometimes several UFOs are seen at the same time, moving in different directions. Some busily cross the frame in a straight line and at a constant speed. Others make rather sharp maneuvers, giving the impression of inertia. Some UFOs are clearly interested in spaceships. Having made a maneuver, they fly up to the Shuttles (filming of expeditions STS-31, STS-51 …) and, “hanging” for some time next to them, again leave for their business. Others maneuver at about the height of the orbital station, then rising above the horizon, then again descending to the background of the Earth (STS-37, STS-51, STS-62 …).

The video made from the Shuttle during its docking with the Mir orbital station is extremely interesting. This official television broadcast was intercepted by one of the American ufologists-radio amateurs using a special parabolic antenna in May 1997. The screen clearly shows how in the area of ​​the Russian station every now and then unknown objects appear, glowing with pulsating light. They move in different directions at different speeds, some make maneuvers. For one and a half minutes of shooting, at least nine objects passed in the frame. It feels like this is not a desert space, but a busy airport …

Some of the UFOs give the impression of quite material “metal” balls (the shadow from the Sun is clearly visible on them). However, the vast majority of objects look like ball lightning. They glow and are, as it were, enveloped in plasma, many of them pulsate. Some seem to materialize, appearing from nowhere, and after a while they become invisible again. Experts suggest that such balloons act as automatic probes and are launched from base ships in order to monitor the Earth and near-Earth space.

Generally speaking, the UFOs observed by astronauts are not very diverse in shape. Most often these are balls, much less often – cylinders, “cigars”, discs, triangles. But sometimes, very unusual specimens get into the viewfinder. Particularly impressive are the Plasmoid images taken by the Discovery crew during the STS-48 expedition. Footage of this “inexplicable space phenomenon” was even shown on Russian television at one time. It is clearly seen how a gigantic wriggling luminous “caterpillar” floats against the background of the Earth. According to a number of ufologists and contactees, this unique survey captured the so-called “plasmoid” ship – a very high level of alien technology.

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 91

Not all astronauts willingly talk about their encounters with UFOs. Why? Neil Armstrong, in response to a request from a diplomat to tell what they actually saw on the moon, replied succinctly: “We also gave a subscription …” It is true that there are those who actually did not see anything and skeptics use their testimony as proof of the absence of UFOs.

However, many, having retired, are opening the veil of secrecy. This was the case, for example, with the legendary astronaut Gordon Cooper. Here are excerpts from his interview:

“For many years I have lived in an environment of secrecy that surrounds all astronautics. But now I can say that not a day goes by in the United States without the detection of UFOs by aviation radars and space tracking stations …

Some of us (astronauts) had the opportunity to observe UFOs from Earth or from flying vehicles … I believe that unearthly aircraft and their crews visiting Earth come from other planets, which are obviously more advanced than ours …

There are many qualified people who have seen alien ships, and in some cases also the aliens themselves …

I also saw a very unusual phenomenon – here on Earth. It happened a few months ago in Florida. I saw with my own eyes a clearly delineated patch of soil, scorched by fire, with four footprints. It was left by an object crouched in the center of the field. Creatures emerged from it – there were prints to prove it. They appeared to be surveying, collecting soil samples, and eventually returning to the ship, which took off at incredible speed. The authorities hid the incident from the press and television …

There are thousands of eyewitness accounts and many documents confirming this (the presence of UFOs.), But no one wants to make them public. Why?”

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 92

Indeed, why, despite the stories of the astronauts themselves, as well as numerous photo, film and video documents, this topic still remains “undisclosed”? In any case, by official structures: NASA, the military, the government. Are tens of these and thousands of other irrefutable UFO sightings not of interest to those in power? Sounds not very believable. After all, the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations on the planet is an emergency problem. How then can this conspiracy of silence be explained?

Gordon Cooper has his own version:

“The authorities fear that people may imagine God knows what, something like a terrible space invaders. Their motto was and remains: “We want to avoid panic at any cost …” I think the real problem is that the authorities do not know how to admit the fact that they have been lying for many years. “

In an attempt to resolve this problem, Cooper wrote to the UN in 1978:

“I think we need a coordinated program to collect and analyze scientific data coming from all over the planet … to work out the most friendly way to contact these visitors. First, we need to demonstrate to them that, before entering the universal community, we ourselves have learned to solve our problems in peaceful ways, without wars. Recognition on their part would mean an incredible opportunity for our planet to rapidly progress in all areas … If the UN decided to take on this project and recognize this phenomenon, many qualified experts would decide to speak about it publicly and provide assistance and information .. . “

Astronauts and UFOs: The Conspiracy of Silence could not destroy even an open letter to the UN 93

“Letter by astronaut Gordon Cooper regarding UFOs to the ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations.

November 9, 1978

Ambassador Griffith
Mission of Grenada to the United Nations
866 Second Avenue
Suite 502
New York, New York 10017

Dear Ambassador Griffith:

I wanted to convey to you my views on our extra-terrestrial visitors popularly referred to as “UFO’s”, and suggest what might be done to properly deal with them.

I believe that these extra-terrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets, which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on earth. I feel that we need to have a top level, coordinated program to scientifically collect and analyze data from all over earth concerning any type of encounter, and to determine how best to interface with these visitors in a friendly fashion. We my first have to show them that we have learned to resolve our problems by peaceful means, rather than warfare, before we are accepted as fully qualified universal team members. This acceptance would have tremendous possibilities of advancing our world in all areas. Certainly then it would seem that the UN has a vested interest in handling this subject properly and expeditiously.

I should point out that I am not an experienced UFO professional researcher. I have not yet had the privilege of flying a UFO, nor of meeting the crew of one. I do feel that I am somewhat qualified to discuss them since I have been into the fringes of the vast areas in which they travel. Also, I did have occasion in 1951 to have two days of observation of many flights of them, of different sizes, flying in fighter formation, generally from east to west over Europe. They were at a higher altitude than we could reach with our jet fighters of that time.

I would also like to point out that most astronauts are very reluctant to even discuss UFO’s due to the great numbers of people who have indiscriminately sold fake stories and forged documents abusing their names and reputations without hesitation. Those few astronauts who have continued to have a participation in the UFO field have had to do so very cautiously. There are several of us who do believe in UFO’s and who have had occasion to see a UFO on the ground, or from an airplane. There was only one occasion from space which may have been a UFO.

If the UN agrees to pursue this project, and to lend their credibility to it, perhaps many more well qualified people will agree to step forth and provide help and information.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


L. Gordon Cooper
Col. USAF (ket)
Astronaut “

But it was “a voice crying in the wilderness,” and Cooper would later say:

“I wrote a letter to the UN because I thought this organization was the best one to seriously consider UFO sightings. I still think that we should conduct these investigations centrally. However, today I am no longer sure that the UN is such an organization. They don’t even take into account the opinion of the astronauts. We must create our own organization … “

And yet, what was a secret with seven seals yesterday is becoming public knowledge today. Someone explains this by the fact that there are a lot of astronauts, including civilians, and therefore it becomes more difficult to hide their observations. Someone believes that the reason is the increasing availability of information thanks to computer networks and the latest technology. And someone suggests that the authorities were forced to loosen the reins.

First, it’s more and more dangerous to lie. There are many highly qualified scientists among ufologists, and it is difficult to deceive them. Secondly, it is more difficult to connect the next lie with the previous ones. Perhaps that is why the authorities today turn a blind eye to the revelations of astronauts: not encouraging, but not pursuing, as before.

Those in power do not intend to get involved in dangerous discussions about UFOs either: they will either have to lie again, or reveal the truth.

They seem to have chosen the only correct tactic – not to react at all to such messages. No way. Do not deny or confirm, do not give any official explanation. In an extreme case, if they press hard, it is sluggish and unintelligible to mutter something about “the difficulty of analysis due to the lack of a sufficient amount of reliable information.”

However, there is another opinion about the disclosure of urological facts in recent years: gross suppression of information about UFOs is no longer in the interests of powerful conspirators. They themselves initiate a metered leak as well as the creation of numerous films and computer games on the “alien” theme. For what purpose? It is possible that humans are being prepared for upcoming open contacts with intelligent beings from other parts of the universe.


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