The Cat People: A True Story of UFO Contact

In 1956, ten-year-old Robert Hambly (pseudonym) was enjoying an afternoon of ice-skating with a dozen other children in a local park in the small town of Havre, Montana. Looking up, they were amazed to see several silvery spheres scooting across the sky. Robert had never heard about UFOs and had no idea what he was seeing, but he knew it wasn’t normal. Only a few days later, Robert’s life changed forever. He awoke in the middle of the night to see a strange figure standing next to his bed. To Robert, the figure looked just like a three-foot-tall humanoid cat. It had a large, bald head, huge dark cat-like eyes, and a thin body. Unable to move, Robert was filled with fear. After a short time, the figure vanished. But for the next several years, Robert was visited over and over again. Meanwhile, many miles away in Las Vegas, Nevada, a little girl, Melissa Branson, (pseudonym) woke up in her bedroom to see cat-like ETs moving through the wall. She told her parents who said Melissa must have had a nightmare. But Melissa knew better: she had been awake. And when it kept happening, she knew something very strange was happening to her. Later, as a teen-ager, Melissa saw a UFO near her home, but still didn’t connect it to her childhood visitations. Both Melissa and Robert grew up, and many years later, they met, started dating, fell in love and got married. UFOs and aliens were the farthest thing from their minds. But in 1992, UFOs came roaring back into their lives. They watched the television miniseries “Intruders,” and they realized that they both had very similar experiences with cat-like extraterrestrials. They also discovered that there was a history of UFO encounters on both sides of their families. Then came a series of more UFO sightings. It wasn’t long after the UFO sightings that, one night, the cat-like ETs returned. Frightened and angry, Robert mentally fought with the ETs, vanquishing them from his life forever. Robert and Melissa’s case contains unique and interesting elements that provide some important insights into the nature of the UFO phenomenon. Both feel that they were contacted by the same group of ETs who may have even brought them together. Both experienced telepathic contact with the UFOs. Perhaps most important, Robert was able to end his encounters by ordering the ETs to leave him alone. Their case is an important addition to our understanding of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet.



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  1. Hello! There are definitely many ET races to meet especially if those races are atheists.I’am sure the embassy we build for our creators the Elohim won’t be the only embassy built to welcome interstellar races into the fold.I’am sure the Elohim knowledge of their existance must be vast no don’t recorded in their AI supercomputer memory banks.The Elohim are the real life Vulcans of our era.and we didn’t need warp drive to gardener their attention.In the midst of ever evolving developments of science and technology the Elohim chose 1973 and 1975 to be the two dates for first contact with our prophet Rael.What will be the year or decade of the 21st century for mass first contact? I hope it happens in my lifetime no doubt it will be a exciting moment when we go back to the moon to stay.I would like to add a sad note to my comments today is my Father’s birthday and he has been dead for quite a while its to bad he was cremated extracting a cell from his corpse would give him another chance at life thanks to the advanced nature of the Elohim’s human cloning technology if anyone has earned eternal life it was my dad.I always thought he was a more of a Raelian than I was at the time he didn’t get his cellular plan transmitted to the Elohim and acknowledge them as our creators like I did but if I were faced with a choice.I’d chose to have my dad for immortal life on the eternal life planet rather than me.I would gladly disappear into nothingness knowning my Dad was on the eternal life planet enjoying his new found immortality,”Rest in Peace Dad and happy birthday!”


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