Aliens at the Pentagon – Bombshell Revelations about the Secret Program to Capture Aliens and UFOs!

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1 thought on “Aliens at the Pentagon – Bombshell Revelations about the Secret Program to Capture Aliens and UFOs!”

  1. Hello! I’am glad the Elohim weren’t captured by the Pentagon otherwise we would’ve heard something from our beloved prophet Rael.Thank goodness for their advanced science and technology in order to elude capture.I can just imagine what the Elohim would be questioned about not to mention the revelation that they are our ET creators.It reminds me of a video I watched on you tube that supposedly was done in secret in order to question a alien being.I must say I was intrigued by the answers not to mention that the subject apparently was a future relative of humanity and it turns out the being was a atheist!The more I listen to the beings story the more I was convinced that he wasn’t being truthful that a nuclear war would breakout in the future.Obviously he was from a probable future not necessarily a future were all going to experience that much is certain.What scared me more was the person asking the questions not the being that was forced to answer.Our secret government or cabal as there called is a lot more scary than the supposed aliens that crash land on are planet.Be aware of humanity with advanced UFO technology not a so-called alien invasion that might occur in the future.Were to dangerous as a lifeform to handle that kind of technology especially if agreements were made to have this technology in exchange for the citizens of this planet being abducted by them.Clearly there is much to answer for when this all comes out in the open and subject to the collective opinions of the public at large.No doubt they’ll be public outrage not to mention the part we secretly played with these beings just so we could be the ones on Earth with the technological advantage over the rest.Just how much technology are we talking here from how many ET races no doubt some will be shocked however others like me will wait to see what happens next from a neutral point instead of harbering hatred over those that kept this knowledge from us.


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