The Anunnaki – who are they? Aliens or gods! Humanity creators! Nibiru where are you? The Sumerians

Feb 3, 2020

Who are the Annunaki? Our ancestors or gods? Where did they come from and did they even exist? These questions have been haunting the minds of modern people lately! Today we will unveil the veil of secrecy and understand this issue. For the first time, the Annunaki are mentioned in ancient Sumerian records. The Sumerians are the people who once inhabited the southern territories of Mesopotamia (now Iraq). Experts believe that Annunaki surpassed even modern human society in terms of living standards. For Sumerians, Anunnaki were primarily deities. Sumerian records contain detailed descriptions of the solar system, its structure and features. However, the ancient people believed that the planets in the solar system are twelve, including the moon and the sun itself. The twelfth mysterious celestial body “hid” behind other planets and was far removed from the Earth. And what about planet x? See in this video!

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