“The Adam & Eve Story” CIA Document

DeClassified CIA Document “The Adam & Eve Story”: If you don’t believe true History can be buried, or if you think Mud Flood Liquification is impossible, READ THIS!

Just as we have seen with KGB declassifying huge amounts of formerly-classified “Tartaria” documents, apparently the CIA had some special interest in “The Adam & Eve Story”. It is basically a “research paper” explaining various earth-cycle catastrophes. It is pertinent to “missing time” and “history falsification” theories, and presumes many technologically-advanced ancient civilizations existed before us.

NOTE: The actual CIA dossier on the “Adam & Eve Story” also includes lots of peripheral documents up front, so skip to around pages 19-24 if you want a quick glance at the pertinent section.

There is insurmountable evidence that we are the 6th advanced civilization to exist upon this earth, each time getting wiped out by a calamity. I’ve wondered why America has long had the Smithsonian cover up many ancient artifacts that don’t fit their narrative, such as the hieroglyphs in the grand canyon, or the bones of giants all over America, but then I realized the truth rather recently… control. The CIA just declassified a document called [The Adam and Eve Story] (https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf) which is about exactly this. Nobody is quite sure who wrote it, however it appears to be written by a scientist working for the government deciphering ancient texts then stumbling upon a terrible fact, that every 5-6-thousand years, the strength of the poles wane and begin to change positions and when this occurs, the mantle keeping our landmass in it’s current position turns to jelly, causing the landmasses to be pulled 90-degrees, while the water on the earth stays put, like dropping an object into a glass of water then spinning the glass in a circle… water stay’s put while the world around it moves. So, the world as we know it is obliterated in days, submerged under the ocean for 40-days (ala Tale of Gilgamesh, or Noah and the ark) until the poles finish their shift at which point the North pole becomes the South and vice versa. I believe that the rest of the story which was redacted tells of the survivors having to live in caves and resort to cannibalism to survive. I believe it’s why the Aztec and N.American Indians both tell of a white man visiting them and giving them seeds to grow and teaching them how to harvest. I also believe those in power know this, and want to keep is a secret knowing full well that if they don’t, they might have massive riots and won’t be able to keep their “livestock” docile. What better way to fool the masses than to make them think they are being saved (such as the boats in the movie 2012), when in reality they are being taken to a facility where they will be used to feed the elite? How long will it take to regrow enough vegetation on Earth to not resort to cannibalism? Do some research on [our poles currently moving rapidly now!] (https://www.smalljoys.tv/earths-magnetic-poles/) Then read up on all the elite politicians and leaders visiting Antarctica now! I couldn’t find any credible links, which is odd due to how many have been going up there, from the Pope, to John Kerry, to major leaders.

This is the point where you have to realize that all the ancient religions and myths were stories of true events passed down through thousands of generations, and now we are coming around full circle and remembering what has been lost to humanity for the last 10k years.



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5 thoughts on ““The Adam & Eve Story” CIA Document”

  1. I agree with the findings in this document, that the world has had many past advanced civilizations that have been systematically wiped out, making way for a restart of humanity. Doesn’t it seem odd that such an occurrence would take place? It is so fantastical that it almost sounds like it was created to do this. Indeed it was! Many indigenous people know this to be true. A time period is allotted for a civilization to collectively reach a certain level of consciousness, one in which it begins to understand it’s true nature and it’s oneness with all things as well as it’s connection to God. If it does not reach this goal it is wiped off the planet. If it does, it moves forward and it’s evolution is accelerated through increased consciousness. Our civilization has come to this cleansing event and all our ancient prophesies have predicted our destruction. Except, the end of the allotted time has past. December 21, 2012 was our deadline. We were not destroyed and we will not be destroyed. We have accomplished what no past civilization was able to do. We passed the test of ages! We are moving forward into a new reality for humanity. We are leaving the dark ages and moving towards a magnificent future for humanity, one where peace and world community is common. We will look back on what we are now and see this time as barbaric. Wonders await us as light increases on the planet and the darkness flails about, trying to hold on. The journey forward is not a quick one or an easy one. The darkness recedes unwillingly and will create havok as it fights to stay. You can see this within the chaos of our world today. The battle it fights has already been determined though. We have won! Do not give into the fear they try to generate for you as it gives them power to slow their inevitable demise. Carry love and compassion in your heart and in your life and you will help quicken our ascension process. Congratulations brothers and sisters, we made it.

  2. Truly enlightening and eye opening. It brings joy into my heart and soul. My Faith in God’s plan is bigger than I or anyone else can possibly imagine. My Faith in the Power and Spirit of God lives in me😊

  3. That’s all we would hope for but unfortunately we have diabolical billionaires worldwide conspiring with most all governments as evil as they are to prevent us to getting to that level. I can only hope there’s a well organized opposition force that comes into play getting the common people on board.

  4. I have been continuing to have hope that humanity will open their eyes to what is happening around them. There is division in the world right now, 2023. Division might be necessary to create needed lines to fight against darkness. We may or may not be evolving as humans and spirits, headed toward enlightenment. I think we still hold the power to destroy ourselves. The atomic bombs proved this fact. As I see it, we are moving in the wrong direction. Without being too political, the current regime in the US seems unconcerned with what they are promoting across the world. The world needs a point of reference in order to stay steady and on course, like a star in the night acting as a reference so navigation can take place.
    As a world, we have lost a reference point to look at for guidance as wee navigate this new century. That is why I believe we are in trouble, still. I think that governments around the world do not trust their citizens with the truth. The truth is powerful and life changing. It would mean the upending of the lie and the reversal of courses. Places within government, national museums, secret vaults, the Vatican, etc. hold the truth in a very tight grip. I hope one day the truth will out.


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