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As Golden Angels, many of us chose to be incarnated into dysfunctional families or very difficult circumstances. For a few moments, try to sense what it may have been like to look at the world before embodiment. What appears obvious to us may not be so obvious to others – we needed to develop strong compassion for those we came to serve. Choosing challenging life circumstances didn’t seem like too much of an undertaking, but upon arrival in the denser energies, we forgot our mission and purpose. We forgot who we truly are. We started to believe what we were being fed and essentially got lost in the chaos.

This duplicity created massive inner confusion; causing us to experience high highs and low lows, amazing days and horrible days. This is why I am trying to wake you up and ask you to believe only the really good stuff because that is the only thing that is real and eternal. The rest is human error. Forgive the human error both on the part of others and yourself. We are here to become the embodiment of Christ Consciousness and the vehicle for change. We are not supposed to buy into this chaos and become victims of society.

I want to emphasize that the 144,000 are not members of a specific religious group. Nor are they spiritually superior to other beings. Their experience here on Earth is a double-edged sword. They are the spiritual elders and therefore have a high level of commitment and responsibility. They have stepped down from higher realms to bridge the higher frequencies with those on Earth. They are like the parents of all earth inhabitants and have incarnated en masse at this time to seed a higher level of consciousness on our arisen planet.

The Legions of Archangel Michael, whose programming is Christ Consciousness, are currently incarnated as any ethnic group or religion – wealthy or poor – healthy or chronically ill – female, male or other – young or old – any variety of backgrounds or soul histories. At the same time, they are a soul group with a common purpose – to correct the course of humanity on planet Earth.

The world awaits the awakening of spiritual leadership. Many are called, but few are chosen. Challenges must be overcome. As members of this soul group, we do this by becoming the embodiment of Love and becoming our authentic selves. It sounds easy, but it takes patience and persistence.

These turbulent times are ripe for the awakening of our soul group. It is time we understood our soul history and do the work necessary to reestablish our connection to divine consciousness. This article should help you begin to understand these concepts and learn the special tools necessary to handle this delicate yet powerful equipment.

One of the primary reasons that I am writing this is to debunk some of the info that has been written previously – much of which is loaded with religious jargon. This religious separation has caused many solid spiritualists to turn away from their spiritual quest. Organized religion is often fraught with dark and oppressive, self-righteous, narrow-minded perspectives – a virtual dead-end street.

On the contrary, Christ Consciousness is all-encompassing and empowering and therefore fertile ground for spiritual growth. This is the seed we need to plant – firmly and eternally – Christ Consciousness is not moral judgment; it is unconditional Love and expansiveness. It is not just organized religion, the spiritual new age has also lost its way by becoming too judgmental and too materially oriented. The goal is Heaven on Earth. The operating system is Love.

Why do we have to believe there is a plan? For one thing, it anchors us in a knowing that gives us great inner peace amid the turmoil. To put it simply, if you were to start a company, you would have a business plan and a mission statement. A computer has to have an operating system. Would planet Earth have been created with anything less? Search your soul and you will know that you have never doubted that there is a divine order to things here. Deep inside of you, there is recognition that there is a divine design to this place that is unfathomable to our human minds – yet you honor it and trust it. Look closely at a flower and you cannot help but know. You always have. It is part of who you are.

Yet, doubt creeps in. Our hearts keep at least a spark of gold, while our minds become entangled in this chaotic web that has come to occupy this sacred space. The mind begins to trick us out of believing what we know in our hearts to be true. Egos and differing viewpoints get in the way. A gold heart with a distorted ego creates what is known as spiritual ego. Ego is false personality and it may manifest as arrogance, withdrawal or illness. Members of this soul group are particularly vulnerable to this malady.

Still, the world awaits our awakening. We must release the Love and life that is in our hearts and regain our trust in its power. We need to drop the strong opinions and judgment that is born of spiritual ego, open our spiritual vision and ask our souls what we need to do to help bring this planet back into alignment with its original plan. We all came here with unique talents and passions and our purpose is written on our heart. Our soul actually pulsates electro magnetic data through our feeling center and all we really have to do is breathe our lives into existence. Psalm 40:8 from the Bible says, “I desire to do your will my God, your law is within my heart.” Now imagine how hard it is on our bodies and minds to ignore this power and constantly push it down – refusing to let it be free. Withholding is very painful.

Folks may refuse to set their souls free on an individual level, but collectively, no matter what people do to distort Earth’s destiny, it will always be corrected and re-routed – even if it has to kick humans off of it. Evil cannot sustain in this energy. It is at best short-lived. This is one thing you must never forget. The darkness will and has tricked us out of believing this, but without our firm commitment to become Love and never, ever forget again, we will not accomplish our mission here at this time. Persist, and when you feel you cannot go on, keep practicing gentle breathing and persist longer. The darkness gives up in time. It is not as strong as the light.

This time around we are engulfed in the mission to beat all missions. Because the world is in such karmic chaos, many of the members of this soul group have opted out of their purpose and I would classify them as fallen angels. These fallen angels often become the ranks of homeless, mentally ill, and substance abusers. Our worst enemy is our propensity to take responsibility for everything and to implode upon ourselves in self-doubt and self-hatred. This is another thing we must keep in balance.

Alana Kay, 144,000 Points Of Light

Artist: IG @cnikarts



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