It was a GIFT for Humanity, but They Concealed it within Classified Projects… The Amicizia Project

Gregg Braden Official Since the 1950s most technological advances coincide well with Moore’s law. That is, computing power doubles every two years. Yet we must question why space travel and energy sources are limited to decades-old technology. Timothy Good reveals details of the Amacizia Project from the 1950s, where mankind became the benefactor of off-world …

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Secret Diplomatic Mission to Underwater Cities in Atlantic Ocean

Me Boarding an underwater extraterrestrial submerged object USO

Michael Salla JP, who currently serves with the US Army as a quartermaster and chemical repairer, was recently taken on a covert mission to an underwater city off the Florida coast in the Bermuda triangle region. JP said that he witnessed tall human looking beings that inhabited the city which was protected by a giant …

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