Strange Beam of Light Appeared Over Sweden (video)

Strange Beam of Light Appeared Over Sweden (video)

This beam of light appeared out of nowhere over Eskilstuna, Sweden, and right off the bat, it should be pretty clear that this is not something we should ignore anytime soon, to say the least.

Nobody was able to discern what this encounter really meant, as most people just stared at it in awe hoping that they would not get punished for not reacting to it on time.

According to most experts, this appears to be a sort of a UFO sighting and a UFO abduction at the same time as in some instances some locals stated that they saw people getting plucked up from the ground by the ray of light.

Some believe that this is a natural event but this has yet to be proven as nobody can actually disclaim what it really is at the end of the day.

The photographer herself actually didn’t even plan on snapping a picture of the event to begin with, as all that she really wanted to do was capture a picture of the thunderstorm that was nearing by but instead she captured this ray of light coming down to Earth.

For the most part, skeptics have been trying to disprove this as nothing more than just the light rays coming down through the clouds but as far as we can tell this isn’t possible as the clouds aren’t dissipating over anytime soon.

Regardless, check out the video for yourself if you want to find out more about the incident as a whole.

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