FBI has Declassified Documents From 1947 Talking About Multi-dimensional Beings That Visit Earth

These FBI files were recently leaked and in them, you can clearly see the fact that not only did they already confirm the existence of aliens out there but that they also have captured proof of these multidimensional beings that have attempted to visit our planet on multiple occasions so far.

This completely proves the Ancient Astronaut theory right off the bat and it also proves the fact that all of the ancient out of place artifacts we’ve uncovered over the years all belonged to these alien civilizations all along.

The text that dates back to 1947 is especially important as it mentions the term “flying saucers” on multiple occasions. You can see the official FBI Vault yourself right here and see the fact that they’ve been lying to us all along.

The following video perfectly encapsulates the fact that the FBI and the US government have always known about this. But that’s not all, as the US government cannot possibly be the only one with documents regarding this.

The general consensus is that the majority of the superpowers out there have access to alien tech as this is the primal way that they’ve been able to evolve their technology so steadily over the years.

Regardless, check out the following video yourself if you want to find out more about these incredible interdimensional beings that are visiting us and that have been visiting us since ancient times.


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