Steven Greer The Biggest Secret of All Is About To Come Crashing Down

Premiered Oct 31, 2020

Dr. Steven Greer reveals startling information about the government briefing on UFOs and the control of information. Secret government programs on UFO technology is now being passed out to defense contractors. Thousands of people have been already briefed on the subject of extraterrestrials and their craft but can never talk about it, but slowly the truths are being leaked to the general public. The biggest global change has to take place. The time we left fossil fuels behind. This is a huge impact upon humanity but we may have no choice. Are we running out of time?

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3 thoughts on “Steven Greer The Biggest Secret of All Is About To Come Crashing Down”

  1. Personally, I have had dreams in color of being “in a round ship of sorts” as an observer. I watched what activities were going on. Every “person” present in the scene wore a “suit” of some sort, each one alike in color, but separate symbols on the top of their clothing. No one spoke to another, it was all being done without speaking words out loud. No one seemed to notice my presence. The room was curved in a circular shape, of which I have no words to describe what structures were like. I just know it was all very strange, way above anything we might have on earth. I was allowed to observe, but say nothing. Then I was awakened…wondering about what just happened.

  2. I believe I have been abducted on two occasions but have no recall of anything that transpired. The only awareness of these events was a sense of being transported back to my bed, which was shaking violently and a force upon my face that made my lips vibrate, as if a massive wind was blowing in my face.
    These events happened in the the early 90 s. Approximately 5 yrs after the second experience I noticed a bump in my chest. I applied some pressure thinking it was a pimple and a perfect small ball similar to the texture of an energy ball emerged leaving no hole or mark. Regrettably, not being aware of any potential for abduction, I threw the object away.
    I am extremely interested in Dr. Greer’s work and philosophy and would like very much to get involved.


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