Spirituality, Religion and UFOs in China

Shao Ma is a Chinese UFO and consciousness researcher. She has extensive contact experiences with non-human intelligence (NHI) through various paranormal contact modalities. Shao has been invited to various media platforms, channels, conferences in China focus on sharing and discussing ufology and spiritual information with the Chinese. Based on the feedback and discussions through Chinese social media platforms and her Chinese viewers, Shao has gained much insight into the Chinese Ufology and spiritual communities. Western media also often invites Shao to share and discuss how the Chinese ufology and spiritual communities survive under China’s tightened political control and how Chinese people react to paranormal contact modalities.



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1 thought on “Spirituality, Religion and UFOs in China”

  1. Hello! I thank you for publishing your story here however I’am of the opinion spirituality and religion have no place in Chinese society or anywhere else for that matter.If anything the only movement and message to be given to Chinese society should be from the Raelian movement along with the message from the Elohim are ET creators to the prophet Rael and humanity in that part of the world.Besides Rael himself said that its the people that need to be reached with the Elohim message not the political leaders and also let us not forget that China is still a repressive society it shouldn’t be given to much publicity here.Just as long as religious minorities in the country are still inhumanely treated along with the country of Tibet under military occupation by China,”Free Tibet!”


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